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April 22, 2019

3 Ways We’re Taking Care of the Earth

Climate action—taking urgent steps to combat climate change and its impacts—is one of the most pressing issues facing our world today.

A decade into our quest to lessen our environmental impact, thinking—and acting— sustainably is part of daily life at Accenture. We are committed to doing our part to protect the planet for future generations and to helping those around us pursue their environmental goals.

By improving the efficiency of our operations, harnessing the innovative spirit of our people and developing new sustainability solutions, we aim to accelerate the global shift to a low-carbon economy and to lessen the effects of climate change. Our Corporate Citizenship Report shows all the ways we’re innovating to improve the lives of millions, now and for the next generation.

Here’s three of the ways we are helping:

1. Improving our business operations
As a professional services company, our environmental footprint consists primarily of the greenhouse gas emissions we generate through travel and electricity use in our locations.

From business travel and the use of renewable energy sources, to enabling supplier sustainability, we take a multifaceted approach to driving efficiencies within our business operations, with emphasis on:

  • using new technologies to manage our energy consumption;
  • investing in renewable energy sources;
  • harnessing analytics to reduce our impact;
  • decreasing the intensity of travel; and
  • continually accessing and disclosing environmental and climate-related risks.

Our efforts are making an impact.

Last year, we realized a reduction of approximately 24,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions from office electricity usage, thanks to our ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and increased investments in renewable energy. We also continue to address travel intensity and realized an approximately 14 percent reduction in per-person travel-related CO2 emissions over fiscal year 2017.

In fiscal year 2018, nearly 24 percent of our energy came from renewable sources, allowing us to avoid more than 67,400 metric tons of CO2 across our global operations.

And as the largest professional services company to make this type of commitment, we’ve also set a science-based target, committing that by 2025, we will reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 11 percent from our 2016 base year.

2. Innovating with clients
No single organization alone can prevent the effects of climate change. Collaboration is a critical component of both our environmental strategy and our client sustainability initiatives.

In addition to reducing the environmental footprint of our own operations, we also help our clients define and achieve their sustainability goals through our commercial services and through research with external thought leaders.

For example, we worked with Heineken, one of the top three global brewers, to help start the groundwork needed to deliver against the company’s ambitious “Drop the C” initiative to reduce global carbon emissions.

In just four months, our team helped Heineken develop a unified global carbon-reduction road map to achieve its ambition, including specific targets and projects for its 19 operating companies consolidated into a single global dashboard.

Heineken has a clear road map and centralized approach for rolling out renewable energy in production, putting the company on track to deliver the targets set out in its initiative by 2030. Accenture will continue to be involved in supporting Heineken toward a lower-carbon future.

3. Eco-volunteering to protect the planet

Our people are passionate about protecting the planet—they are the driving force behind our progress.

Our Environment, Workplace, IT and Procurement teams bring our environmental strategy to life by collaborating with our global network of more than 10,500

Eco-team members across 70 countries to promote eco-volunteering activities, including a mix of virtual and in-person events and challenges.

Recently, a group of Accenture volunteers took part in a hands-on project to bring the benefits of solar energy to a family in Washington, D.C. Funded by an Accenture Corporate Citizenship grant, our team partnered with GRID Alternatives, MidAtlantic, an organization that brings clean, green solar energy to households in need and provides solar job training to underserved communities.

The group spent their day installing solar panels on a rooftop, giving the family a sustainable source of energy and resulting in the equivalent of taking 10 cars off the road and 51.9 tons of lifetime CO2 savings.

From our day-to-day business operations to client and community collaborations, we are dedicated to innovating and effecting change to protect the planet, for our generation and generations to come.

Join a team that’s committed to transforming the world, and do work that truly makes a difference, every day. Find your fit with Accenture.

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