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February 04, 2016
2016 Tech Trends: Intelligent automation & Liquid Workforce
By: Brags Srinivasan

Our focus is locked on technology but the true leaders will be those who place people first.

For life sciences companies, leveraging the power of their digital business is no longer simply about incorporating technologies. It’s about reinventing their organization and the culture within it to drive innovation, to drive change and to drive their business into the next generation. These digital strategies and disruptions are still emerging, but proactive companies that take the next few years to carve out their places in these newly forming digital ecosystems will be those that define their own destiny.

To help organizations, Accenture compiles an annual list that pinpoints technology trends. This year’s theme is “People First” and includes five trends. Today I’d like to share the first two of those trends.

Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Automation doesn’t just mean doing things differently. It also means doing different things. Companies will only be able to manage the enormous wave of complexity that arises from pervasive digital change if they can seamlessly harness and integrate, at scale, everything that’s coming their way—new products, services, technology tools, business models, alliances, ecosystems and more. Intelligent automation will provide the launching pad for new growth and innovation. Powered by artificial intelligence, the next wave of solutions will gather unprecedented amounts of data from disparate systems and--by weaving systems, data and people together--create solutions that fundamentally change the organization, as well as what it does and how it does it.

Meeting that challenge demands new skillsets and a very different workforce. And that will be made possible by the introduction of intelligent automation—the essential new co-worker in the digital age.

Liquid Workforce
Today’s workforce must be able to work productively in an environment of constant change. To compete in today’s market, companies must look beyond just updating skills. Enterprises need more than the right technology, they need to harness that technology to enable the right people to do the right things in an adaptable, change-ready and responsive liquid workforce.

By embedding the assumption of constant change enterprise-wide, companies will be able to access critical skills sooner, innovate faster and operate more effectively. Once companies start to harness the power within the Liquid Workforce, they will find that they can grow smarter and faster than they ever imagined. And in the digital age, that’s not just desirable—it’s mission-critical.

In my next post, I’ll share three more trends that will have the greatest impact on companies in the next three to five years.

In the meantime, to learn more, read the 2016 Accenture Technology Vision

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