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October 06, 2015
Are you ready for your close up? Tips for a successful video interview
By: Accenture Recruitment

Are you ready for your close up

At a global organization like Accenture, it’s not uncommon to have interviews with hiring managers in different locations, which is why many of them are conducted via video.

As we have shared with you in past blogs, there can be a lot of preparation that goes into specific types of interviews (Behavioral, Case Study, Skills), and now our recruiters want to share their tips for a successful video interview.

  1. Dress as you would for an in person interview – consider what will look nice on video, but also not distract.
  2. Make sure your background is neutral and tidy.
  3. Set a good camera angle – at eye level, not above or below you.
  4. Check the lighting – make sure your face will be visible, without any shadows or glare.
  5. Test, test, test! Ensure that your computer is set up and test your camera well before the day of the call. Check volume, connectivity, etc. Make sure you know where to click to stop the recording so that you are not fumbling for it after you record.
  6. Record yourself speaking and note where you are looking. It is tempting to look at yourself, but you need to look into the camera lens (it’s like looking the person in the eye).
  7. Speak clearly and with enough volume – don’t shout, but remember that laptop/device mics may require you to project a little more than usual. This is especially important if your interview is in a second language.
  8. Practice: your pace – not too fast, not too slow; your inflection – not monotone, but not too animated.
  9. If you have any sense of the interview content, think about and rehearse some possible responses in advance. One question you will usually be asked in every interview is: “Why are you in interested in this role /our company?”.

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        Mohammed Amr • October 27, 2015

        That sounds very useful , really appreciating your effort for these tips

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        Aakash Gupta • October 27, 2015

        When is the recruitment process going to be held and where?

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        RHema • October 25, 2015

        how can i make video interview ,can you please explain me,thank you.

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