David Olivencia
David Olivencia
Cloud Advisory Executive
July 03, 2018

How My Journey to the Cloud Brought Me Back Home

An empty road

When you leave a company to pursue another career endeavor, what makes you want to return?

Is it the people? The culture? The opportunities to grow, personally and professionally? Sometimes, it’s all the above—and more. Especially when you come back to Accenture.

Managing Director David Olivencia recently rejoined Accenture to lead Journey to Cloud for Health & Public Service within the Midwest Region. David started his career with Accenture in 1994, focused on delivering Enterprise Architecture, Technical Architecture and Operations Architecture to Fortune 500 customers across various industries.

He explains what drew him back home to Accenture—after nearly two decades.

What brought you back home to Accenture?
Home is a great analogy. Home is where you grow up and learn; home is where you create great memories; home is where you are nurtured, supported and protected. It is great to be back home!

I've maintained great relationships with Accenture and its leaders over the years, and I was asked if I would be interested in taking a leadership role as part of our rapidly growing cloud business.

The top motivating factors that attracted me back include:

  • Technology and innovation. The ability to apply the latest technologies, especially within the cloud (I'm bullish on cloud technology), work with the best customers in innovative, high-growth areas and partner with teams across the globe impacted my decision to return.

  • Culture and community. I admire our leaders, and with many dear friends at various levels across Accenture, I was eager to rejoin its innovation-led, collaborative culture. Accenture's commitment to diversity also attracted me back, as I share the company’s belief that diversity makes us stronger and smarter. With incredible access to people and resources, Accenture's global community is better than ever.

  • Development and rewards. Accenture offers competitive compensation and rewards performance and results—with a visible career path for my future. With a commitment to excellence through an amazing array of tools, assets and training, I'm able to develop the critical skills needed to stay market-relevant.

How has your career developed since your return?
As a leader in Accenture's cloud business, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the largest technology organizations in the world in multiple industries such as auto manufacturing, systems integration, high-tech computing and telecommunications.

I've developed a view of technology from both the buy and sell sides of the executive table, which has given me a rich perspective. I've also gained global experiences working in India, as well as running a Latin American division for some of our key business partners. I've enjoyed working directly for C-suite leaders with access to some of our most preeminent clients, which has enhanced my overall business, IT and problem-solving skills.

What type of innovative work and new technologies are you leveraging in the cloud?
I'm responsible for bringing our exclusive capabilities, team members and ecosystem partners together to help our clients on their journey to cloud. This involves ensuring our customers have the right strategy, roadmaps and industry perspective on cloud computing. With the correct strategy, we leverage Accenture assets and tools to help our customers rapidly and efficiently migrate to the cloud. And finally, once our customers are on the cloud, we help them optimize their cloud assets by minimizing costs, leveraging new services and simplifying management and reporting.

Cloud is exciting and transformational, with untold benefits. I believe if your business is not in the cloud, it will be in the ground. Companies will need to migrate to cloud technology to compete in an increasingly brisk, aggressive marketplace.

It’s been nearly 20 years since you left Accenture. What has remained the same?
Among the familiar things that have not changed—and for good reason—are Accenture’s core values such as stewardship, commitment to growing and developing great leaders, transformational work and working with the best clients and best projects. Accenture’s forward-thinking and technology prowess with great, smart people and teams and opportunities to travel (which I enjoy) hasn’t changed.

What has changed the most?
We’ve gone public; there’s been an explosion of growth, more capabilities, a strengthened commitment to inclusion and diversity. We’re more innovative and have adopted a regional-focused strategy—enabling more of our people to work where they live—and our leaders are social-savvy and are leading voices across the digital space.

What advice would you offer to alumni considering a return to Accenture?
Rejoining Accenture has exceeded my expectations on how welcoming team members would be and how supportive Accenture has been to ensure I have everything needed to be successful. Having started my career here made it easier to come back. I have had a 25-year career, and I count the last year after being back at Accenture as one of the best years yet. I am confident this will continue.

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