November 16, 2015
Mind the Gap – How to talk about gaps in employment history
By: Accenture Recruitment

Mind the Gap

Life happens – and sometimes it can create a gap in your employment history. Maybe you were laid off, took time with a child or sick family member, or just took a break to refocus on your career and personal goals. We spoke to a few Accenture recruiters about how they perceive gaps, and what you can do to explain them in an interview.

“Gaps are not an automatic disqualifier”, says Accenture recruiter Norman Jones. Julia Reich Grewal agrees, adding, “Gaps don’t keep me from reaching out to the candidate if his or her experience is relevant.”

The best thing to do if you have a gap is to explain why it occurred and what you did during that time. Here are some quick tips for addressing gaps in employment.

  1. Be honest and upfront.
  2. Be sure to mention any activities you took part in during the gap. Did you start a blog? Write a book? Volunteer?
  3. If you managed to hone your skills or stay involved in your industry during the gap, point it out. Did you attend conferences or networking events? Did you take classes or online tutorials?

“What a person does during a gap may be incredibly beneficial to his/her career in the future,” says Marta Llonch-Pere. “Maybe they gained experience from traveling, for example.”

Have a gap in your employment history? Share how you’ve talked about this time in the best light during interviews in the Comments section below.

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        Demián Román Fernández • March 1, 2016

        I also had a gap at certain moment in my career. But I took profit of the free time and colaborated as a volunteer in a non profit organization, achieving goals that are related to my field of studies. Also, I focused o n advancing more rapidly in my career.

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        DeepakSharma • February 12, 2016

        I had gap in my career and during the gap period I went back to my hobby i.e Value Investment and launched a Solar Energy business.

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        João Claudio Couto • December 9, 2015

        I am experiencing a gap in my carreer. During this time, I am working in news challenges and staying updated with new subjects and articles regarding my professional carreer.

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