July 09, 2015
Learning on the Job: London Innovation Center 3-D Printer Contest
By: Accenture Recruitment

3-D Printing

A career in technology has one constant – change. So how do our engineers stay on top of new technologies to help our clients? By getting plenty of training and sometimes indulging in a little healthy competition!

Take for example 3D printing, which is set to transform almost every industry and is a hot topic for our people in our London Innovation Centre. What better way to inspire our innovators around the world to think about how we can leverage this cutting-edge technology than to host a contest?

Employees submitted their ideas about 3D products that address key client opportunities. Engineers designed an object on their computer using 3D modeling software, connected the computer to a 3D printer, and programmed the 3D printer to build the object. Judges evaluated 29 entries on the basis of innovativeness and the potential to drive value for clients.

The winning designs clearly exhibited the advantages 3D printing can give a business by enabling it to create objects faster and more cost effectively. The range of submissions showcased the wealth of creativity and ingenuity across our business and demonstrated how much fun it can be to work (and learn) at Accenture.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Amsterdam’s Nathan Bernasconi, industry solutions & services architect - Resources … for his innovative home renovations visualizer.

  • Chennai’s Balaji Venkateswaran, software engineering associate manager – Accenture Technology … for his 3D analytics model that brings to life a financial portfolio’s performance.

  • Amsterdam’s Willem van der Schoot, industry solutions & services analyst – Resources; Peter-Paul de Leeuw, business strategy consultant – Accenture Strategy; and Matthijs Agricola, strategy analyst – Accenture Strategy … who conceived a personalized toy car.

If learning new technologies on the job sounds appealing to you, check out our open jobs.

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