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June 11, 2015
Interview Tips: Getting ready for The Skills Interview
By: Accenture Recruitment

Marta Perez Llonch Marta Perez Llonch

We’ve given you tips before on how to succeed in a Case Study interview – now we’d like to help you prepare for a Skills Interview. The purpose of this particular interview is to assess if you have the necessary technical skills and industry experience to successfully fill a role, whether that be as a technical or digital consultant. We spoke with Accenture recruiter Marta Perez Llonch and she offered the following tips:

  1. Be prepared to offer examples of the work you’ve done: have you worked on logical or physical design or data conversion/migration projects? Have you ever lead a project? Similarly, you should think about the software and systems you know how to use, such as Siebel, SRM Organization, or SQL for a technology consulting role, or social media tools, content management systems or Big Data programs for Digital. To help focus your preparation, make sure you understand the role requirements and then focus on the technologies related to that role.

  2. During the interview, try to answer the questions you’re being asked as accurately as possible. You want to make sure the interviewer gains a good understanding of your experience and your level of expertise. Also, don’t fence yourself in and present yourself as a specialist in a single technology; demonstrate your willingness and interest in additional technologies.

  3. That said, never exaggerate what you know. Eventually it will show, and you don’t want the interviewer to distrust you, or even worse, you don’t want your employer to find out you misrepresented yourself. Don’t sell yourself short, but be honest. Employers not only want to know about what you can do, but also about what you have potential and are willing to do, and that you are open to learning.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer if the information you’re providing is enough or if he or she would like to have more information.

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