August 24, 2015
Internship Impact: Franciel Almonte, Technology Intern
By: Accenture Recruitment

As you know, we’re sharing the stories and experiences of several of our interns in a series called, Internship Impact. Meet Franciel Almonte, a Technology Intern studying at the University of Puerto Rico.

Franciel Almonte

Name: Franciel Almonte
University/Year/Major: University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez/Rising Senior/Industrial Engineering
Internship Location: DC Metro
DTE: Technology

  1. What about Accenture’s culture and people influenced you to select us for your internship experience? Accenture’s people and their testimony about how this is a great company to work for really made a big impact on my decision to choose Accenture for my internship. I was able to talk to many Accenture people during my university campus job fair and they were all so welcoming and open to answering all of the questions I had.

    During the interview process, people from the company reached out to me to provide all the tools I needed to be well-prepared, and I was assigned an internship buddy who gave me the tips I needed to feel confident during my discussions. All of these details contributed to my decision.

  2. What area did you work in and what projects were you assigned to? How did you feel the work you did impacted the overall project? During my internship I worked as a Digital Access Functional Analyst. The team I worked with was tasked with maintaining and optimizing a client’s webpage. I worked on the development of timeline tools to help the client follow our progress and worked with the technical team to resolve issues and clarify business requirements. These projects helped me to develop a deeper understanding of project processes and Web applications.

    During my journey as an intern at the client site, I received encouraging comments about my creativity and positive attitude. I gained confidence in my ability to deliver great results and realized the value of my work when I was given more responsibility and tasks to manage.

  3. What was the most challenging task you faced? The most challenging task I faced during my internship was gathering missing information in order to put together a tool that my team needed. To complete this job I had to depend not only on myself but also on other people to provide me the information I was lacking. I came up with a way to communicate efficiently and took the initiative to ask for help, and then made sure I asked the right questions.

  4. What is one thing that most surprised you about yourself during this experience? Coming from outside the continental U.S. to embark on such a new experience in a new place for me (Washington DC), it surprised me that I acclimated so quickly.

  5. What was the most valuable thing you learned that will help you in your career? As an intern, I really learned the art of time management, the importance of asking the right questions, and how important good communication is to deliver effectively. I'm leaving this experience with a wide network, lots of new friends and an understanding of what makes Accenture so special--the people.

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