December 22, 2014
The Future of Applications: Accenture Technology peers into its crystal ball
By: Accenture Recruitment

Is the technology industry moving faster than your job search?  Let us help you keep up.  Accenture Technology’s new report, The Future of Applications: Three Strategies for the High-velocity, Software-driven Business, analyzes the current market realities that demand companies rethink and reinvent themselves.

The report also offers tips to help companies fundamentally change the way they design, build and use software to enter new markets, reach new customers and drive growth. Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive – Accenture Technology Delivery, believes that a company’s long-term competitive advantage depends on its software strategy, and that being a “fast follower” may not be fast enough.

“New technologies are accelerating the pace of business, but existing business and IT approaches lag behind,” Bhaskar says. “The business of applications needs a dynamic and high-impact makeover using new strategies that will help companies not just sustain a business advantage, but gain ground on their competitors.”

The Future of Applications is now. Download it, read it and, when you’re ready to help us map the future, check out Accenture Technology jobs here.

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