March 26, 2015
Employee Profile: Accenture recruiter Daniel Gerber
By: Accenture Recruitment

Recruiter Daniel Gerber doesn’t just tell candidates about the opportunities that Accenture offers—as a German employee in Japan who’s made the move from client consulting to recruiting, he’s taken full advantage of the range of experiences we offer. Daniel spent some time with us sharing some insights about the work he does now.

Can you describe your role at Accenture? 
I am an Accenture recruiter in Japan, where I oversee the recruiting for Accenture Strategy and for a couple of Accenture Technology positions.

After five years of consulting work with automotive, retail and finance clients, I felt that eventually all business issues can be broken down to human resources strategy and execution, and made the decision to transfer to HR in 2011. I love to find new ways of using technology to make our processes more efficient for Accenture and more engaging for our candidates.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I wake up early (around 5:30 in the morning), spend some time with my little son, who’s 1.5 years old, go to the gym, then I arrive at the office at 9 am.

The first thing I do is check the candidate pipeline to see if we have any new applications, what the results of the interviews on the prior day were, and who might need an extra call to discuss joining Accenture. I talk with my team members about ways we can spread the word about Accenture; for example, via a campaign on LinkedIn. I meet with candidates who are interested in joining Accenture – both in person and virtually. And finally, if I have any time left over, I take to the Web and go "sourcing." This is one of the most rewarding experiences of this role, as the feeling of finding a candidate who is just perfect for an open role is simply great.

What do you enjoy doing outside the office?

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my son and watching him grow up. Otherwise, I am interested in everything related to renewable energy. I read books and magazines on the topic, I go to symposiums, and I even make small excursions to see wind turbines, geothermal energy plants and a nearby mega solar park.

What advice do you have for those recruits who ultimately join us?

Accenture is one company, but we offer the opportunities—and resources--of multiple companies. You could be a strategy consultant helping clients set their agenda for the next 5 to 10 years; you could be an industry expert; you could be an IT guru, an outsourcing services professional, a sales person… the list is very long. Accenture allows its employees to apply for any open role – globally, providing you endless career and growth opportunities.

Daniel manages the "My Very Best Life Advice" column, in which, every day, a different Accenture employee offers his or her adviceIf you are interested in a career at Accenture where you can work with helpful colleagues like Daniel, check out our open positions.

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