May 23, 2017
Digital footprints leading to value
By: Jonathan Bunce

The proliferation of mobile devices for personal and work use has brought digital disruption to many industries, and increased its potential in many more. For example, TV is now used differently, due to on-demand binge viewing. Planning entire vacations can be completed online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from any location. With online taxi services, you can have a ride at your location within minutes, plan the route, and provide immediate payment and driver rating upon arrival. Cloud computing and mobile technology have required companies to move to a true customer-centric model. In such a climate you want to be a leader in the experiential economy. It is important to truly understand your customers’ unmet needs and what will make them satisfied customers.

Adopting a customer-first philosophy requires organizations to listen to their customers and operate using strategies that help them get closer to customers—particularly through leveraging cloud computing, mobile technology, social media and digital analytics.

The proliferated usage of mobile devices leaves many footprints of customer habits and behavior. When these data footprints are captured and analyzed, the insights enable providers of goods and services to be proactive and predictive of how to best develop and deploy offerings that will maximize customer delight and value.

How well do you understand digital disruption? Is your organization prepared to operate in this new experiential economy? The Accenture Academy courses The Impact of Digital Disruption on Business, The Value-Attainment Model in the Digital Age, Digital Transformation and Business Models, and The Customer Metrics of Digital Business Models will demonstrate the philosophical and physical business model shifts necessary to compete. You will be equipped with a foundationally proven framework and tools necessary to transform your legacy business into a digital forward-serving organization that drives value attainment to your customers.

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