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May 07, 2014
Digital Energy: The path to unlocking business value?
By: Richard Holsman

Energy companies are increasingly using digital technologies to radically disrupt traditional ways of organizing work. Digital also demands—and enables—a fundamentally different workforce. Technology-enabled talent drives integrated, customized and seamless work experiences. In the digital era then, how do energy companies unlock business value?

Consider these facts. Some 30 percent of plant managers will retire within the next three years, while the number of data analysts required is going up exponentially—by 21 percent, according to our estimates. Data explosion remains a mixed blessing though; while 50 billion devices—more than seven times the number of people on this planet—are expected to be connected by 2030, 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies have reported cyber-attacks and hacking.

The energy enterprise is grappling with challenges that pit an aging and experienced workforce in mature economies against a young and less-experienced workforce in emerging economies. Leveraging digital can help you address the talent crunch as well as provide solutions for production misses, deterring cyber-attacks, reducing supply chain risk and protecting against legal and regulatory threats. Similarly, at the plant level, companies are experiencing increased optimization of functions, adding flexibility and value. New digital technologies are helping operational and enterprise processes to converge, bringing operations and functions together at the edge of the enterprise.

We believe digital can help make existing processes and models more efficient and create entirely new solutions to address the key imperatives facing the energy industry. Read more on how the digital enterprise and the digital plant can drive business and industry disruptions to their advantage to unlock business value.

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