December 19, 2014
Career Fair and Conference Series Part 3: Candidate Tips
By: Accenture Recruitment
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Career Fair and Conference Series: Part 3 The Candidate’s Perspective – Have Objectives & Be Prepared
Ramie Rajabi is a Cross-Industry Manager in Accenture’s Sales and Customer Service practice; he was hired after he successfully networked and interviewed with Accenture during a career fair. Below he offers his tips for making the most of your conference experience.
How did you decide which conference to attend?

I decided based on the location and size of the conference, as well as the list of employers with booths [at the career fairs].   I attended the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and National Black MBA Association Conferences.   These had a lot of employers and offered onsite interviews. Since travel is most likely required to attend these National career fairs, I wanted to attend the ones that would give me the best return on my investment (i.e. my travel expenses).

How did you prepare for the conference beyond researching Accenture?
I did extensive research on every company attending the career conferences. Additionally, I spoke with existing employees in my network and visited several online resources, including, and yahoo finance. After researching, I decided Accenture would be a good fit for me. I developed a clear vision of where I thought I could add the most value and tailored my “elevator” speech to support that. I practiced my delivery of the pitch more times than I can remember!

Having researched, I knew that many companies held invite-only networking events. One of my objectives with Accenture was to get invited to their event in order to meet Accenture people and learn more about the company and opportunities.

Also, I knew that consulting firms conducted interviews at the career fairs. Another goal was to try to secure an interview. I practiced over 50 mock case style interviews with friends from my college’s Consulting Club in case I was asked to interview during the conference.

Accenture meets thousands of people every year at career conferences. What made you stand out from the crowd and ultimately receive an offer?
I was very prepared. I was able to deliver an effective elevator pitch and clearly articulate where, how and why I’d fit within Accenture. I established and maintained relationships with many of the Accenture folks who attended the conference. Whenever our paths crossed in the same city, we took that as an opportunity to meet up.  

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