April 15, 2015
Building Your (Social Media) Brand, Part 4 of 4: The Personal Touch
By: Accenture Recruitment

You’ve consolidated your social media accounts, you’ve found your voice, and use tools to help optimize your efforts, yet people who are critical to your success haven’t noticed you yet. What can you do?

Make some personal connections.

On Twitter, retweet content you like and add the handle names of influential posters in your tweets when appropriate. Those mentioned will be alerted to your posts drawing attention to your handle and your content. Research hashtags for business topics that interest you on sites like, or, then include those that are most relevant in your posts to give them extra visibility. You can also use more playful hashtags like #FF and #TBT to amplify your content. #FF (Follow Friday) is used to promote your friends’ handles and is often reciprocated. #TBT (Throw back Thursday) is used alongside images from the past, usually funny or historically relevant in nature.

Presumably, at this point, you’ve invested heavily in your LinkedIn profile. You can use InMails to directly contact people you want to meet. While this is a rather bold approach, when you’re still not talking to the people you most want to speak with, it’s a great way to connect. Be sure to include a brief and specific message for why you want to connect.

If someone of interest has been looking at your LinkedIn profile, reach out. Visiting someone else’s LinkedIn page might get their attention, but there’s nothing stopping you from extending a polite invitation to “meet.” And, if your invitation is accepted, you know your social media profile will be ready to impress them.

We hope you have enjoyed this series, and we want to hear what you think! Please share your tips and comments below.

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