In recent years, opinion-based information has been on the rise. With shortened attention spans, more content to consume and less time to absorb it, research-based on data and facts — was beginning to lose its luster. But if I have learned anything amid the global pandemic response, it is that the insights derived from good, solid research are essential for leaders to make the right decisions, quickly.

Our Accenture Research team, like the rest of the world, entered uncharted territory with the arrival of COVID-19, facing an unprecedented event for which data about past events was largely unhelpful. Despite some challenging personal situations, our 300 researchers jumped in to help power the COVID-19 client response.

Our contributions to the data and facts, and industry and function perspectives helped to support our Accenture subject matter experts develop points of view and specific industry and ecosystem insights, all in a matter of weeks. And we did it as a team across Accenture, with a depth and speed that comes only by pulling together as one global team.

I came away from this challenging experience with an even deeper respect for my team and their contributions.  As we all worked from home — at a speed and scale I’ve never before seen—we learned even more about each other as people, as well as tenacious researchers.

We asked a few of our researchers to share their perspectives on the pandemic response: what questions did they begin with? What was surprising? What challenges did they face? What did they learn?

I invite you to read the following posts by my colleagues to learn more, as we continue to work as a team to outmaneuver uncertainty:

Francis Hintermann

Executive Director – Accenture Research

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