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Shape Your Journey
To Cloud And Beyond

Accenture at AWS re:Invent 2017
November 27 - December 1, 2017, Las Vegas

Accenture is a leading Amazon Web Services partner (through the Accenture AWS Business Group) and top AWS re:Invent sponsor.

If you are considering cloud, or are there already and seek pathways to other innovative technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and the Internet of Things powered by the AWS Platform, Accenture is the right partner to help navigate your journey.



Meet with our onsite Experts and Leadership 1:1 and at our Accenture Lounge at the AWS Executive Summit.


Be inspired

Participate in our AI-led game experience on the Expo Floor, Venetian and Innovation Hall, Aria.



Hear how our people and clients share stories of how we’ve helped clients build high performing businesses with AWS Platform.

What’s your story? We’d love to hear it.
Here’s how we can catch up...

in action

Our re:Invent breakout sessions will help you learn more about the power of our AWS solutions. Discover how we have helped our clients adopt the AWS Platform.

AWS Breakout Sessions
November 30th
Disney’s Magic: A cloud transformation strategy in play
November 29th
Leveraging AWS to fight financial crime and protect national security
November 29th
Modernize Traditional Applications with Docker and Accenture


Matt Lancaster, Associate Director
Scott Johnson, COO, Docker

Cloud transformation starts with the apps you already have. Docker and Accenture help accelerate cloud migration strategies to AWS with increased security and without the need to recode applications. Docker Enterprise Edition provides an integrated platform container management, security and common operating model for all applications. In partnership with Accenture and the Accenture Container Factory service, businesses can rapidly transform applications to the cloud at scale. Attend this session to learn more about Docker Enterprise Edition on AWS and Accenture services to accelerate cloud migration.

November 29th
Handling Alexa permissions to build more personal experiences
November 28th
Docker on AWS
November 28th
The future of location services is here. Revolutionizing the user experience with machine learning and AI
November 28th
Diversity in Tech: She Powers Tech: Women Supporting Women in Tech
AWS Executive Summit Roundtables
November 29th
Going Native: Seizing Value from Serverless
(Enrollment for Executive Summit attendees only)
November 29th
Leading with Innovation: Journey to Cloud and Beyond to the AI Economy
(Enrollment for Executive Summit attendees only)

Game on - Are you ready?

Cloud today is about much more than migration – it’s a full-fledged journey incorporating an array of technology innovations. In that spirit, our booth exhibit on the re:Invent floor will be like nothing we’ve done before.

Drop by and join an immersive, artificial intelligence-led “game experience” that integrates the full suite of latest AWS tech and illustrates the power of sophisticated deep reinforcement learning, streaming analytics, connected devices and more to power intelligent systems in the cloud.

This game experience showcases how to innovate and apply NEW digital solutions built with the full suite of AWS technologies incorporating serverless, cloud management, data analytics, deep machine learning and connect devices with applied insights and benefits for your business.

Find Out More

Cloud 100

New this year, invitation-only 60-minute roundtable discussions between cloud leadership and clients to highlight Accenture’s cross-industry cloud capability:
(RSVP required to attend)

Tuesday, November 28th

2:00-3:00pm: Cross Industry Cloud 100-Accenture Strategy
4:00-5:00pm Insurance

Wednesday, November 29th

2:00-3:00pm: Financial Services—Banking & Capital Markets
4:00-5:00pm Products — Consumer Goods and Services

Thursday, November 30th

2:00-3:00pm: Resources — Energy
4:00-5:00pm Health & Public Services — Health
Please contact your Accenture account lead to register.
(Seating is limited)

Connect with our Cloud
and Digital Experts

Accenture and Accenture AWS Business Group experts and leaders will be on site, ready to talk about how we can help navigate your journey to cloud, support innovation, and accelerate your digital transformation, on the AWS Platform.

Chris Wegmann

Managing Director, Accenture AWS Business Group

Annette Rippert

Senior Managing Director, Accenture Technology, NA

Michael Liebow

Global Managing Director, Accenture Cloud Platform

Christopher Copeland

Managing Director, Strategic Solutions Public Cloud

Siki Giunta

Managing Director, Cloud & Infrastructure

Adam Burden

Senior Managing Director, Advanced Technology & Architecture

Atish Ray

Managing Director, Big Data Engineering Lead

Dan Mellen

Managing Director, Security

Nicola Morini

Managing Director Artificial Intelligence Practice & Growth & Strategy Lead for Technology

Dave Rutkowski

Managing Director, Global Lead for Industry X.0

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