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Accenture and PTC formed a Platinum level strategic alliance to better serve clients by delivering the latest in digital product innovation, efficiently deploying PTC technologies, seamlessly integrating applications and effectively managing large global programs.

PTC and Accenture each have more than 20 years of product development knowledge across a variety of industries enabling them to provide unique services to help organizations innovate their business processes—no matter how complex they are.

Accenture supports the entire suite of PTC solutions—bringing to life our client’s Digital Thread through the use of PTC Integrity, Creo, Windchill, Servigistics, ThingWorx and other PTC platform solutions.

Accenture’s Product Lifecycle Services and Industry X.0 capability combine industry-specific functional process know-how with deep PTC end-to-end program, project, implementation and business transformation delivery experience.

PTC and Accenture each have more than 20 years of product development knowledge across a variety of industries, enabling them to provide unique services to help organizations innovate their business processes—no matter how complex they are.

What we offer

Through our end-to-end capabilities, combined with our industry leading IoT Digital services through Industry X.0, our Accenture–PTC alliance is able to integrate IoT, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and PLM into the engineering, manufacturing, operations, logistics and service management organizations to provide an effective support for our client's end-to-end processes—from idea to retirement.

Leveraging the strength of our strategic alliance, Accenture and PTC are uniquely positioned to help clients:

  1. Realize the power and transformational benefits of the Digital Thread and Digital Twin by leveraging PTC solutions
  2. Emerge into the New with an enterprise scalable focus on Augmented and Virtual Extended Reality
  3. Build increased IoT value in their organization by consolidating the digital streams of data into a cohesive value based strategy
  4. Immerse themselves into co-creating solutions to resolve the functional process complexities within their operating groups
  5. Reinvent their products by using 3D design and managing the different configurations, alongside giving them a new digital experience supported by PTC’s IoT capabilities and technologies, enabling the product to communicate issues ahead of any potential downtime

Overcoming your products' digital transformation challenges

How can companies overcome the challenges they face during their products' digital transformation? Watch Steve Dertien, Chief Technology Officer at PTC to learn how.

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Use case examples and thought capital

Accenture and PTC are transforming the industrial landscape.

A common complementary vision between Accenture and PTC is bringing together IIoT and Platform leadership to the digital factory.

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PTC partners with Accenture to transform product development for global CPG manufacturer

In the competitive market of consumer products, this manufacturer faced pressure to accelerate new-product introductions. The company chose PTC Windchill as its global PLM system to enable quicker, more reliable product design. After investing millions of dollars and 18 months in a systems integration, the Windchill system was still on the shelf. The company enlisted PTC Global Services and Accenture, who delivered Windchill by creating clear roles and scheduling frequent divisional deployments for quick time to value.


  • Product design slowed by disparate PLM systems, lack of collaboration
  • Faster product development hindered by lack of global design system and processes
  • Over 18 months, the initial SI tasked with deploying Windchill PLM had delivered minimal software into production, creating an unacceptable delay in business value

PTC and Accenture value:

  • Shared history of delivering global PLM projects that create business value at every stage
  • Transparent, disciplined, and results-driven project management
  • Dedication to long-term business transformation while creating incremental business value through frequent software rollouts

Business Benefits:

  • Enhanced global collaboration throughout the product lifecycle
  • Increased reuse of designs, parts, materials, suppliers, etc
  • Increased engineering productivity and supplier collaboration
  • Improved time to market for new products
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