Accenture Public Service Platform

The Accenture Public Service Platform provides a service-based technology platform that enables integration of citizen services at reduced cost, while maximizing existing IT investments.

Product Benefits

Reduce costs
Lower technology and management costs with a modular and component-based SOA platform that leverages shared services and makes changes and maintenance less costly.

Quickly adapt to change
By employing loosely coupled technologies such as BPM, Business Rules/Policy Management and SOA, APSP enables flexibility at the business level, without affecting the underlying technology.

Deliver integrated services
Implement a world class SOA platform that provides a strong foundation for integrated citizen service delivery.

Maximize existing IT investments
Our vendor-independent architecture can enable agencies to swap or upgrade vendor components over time without having to abandon applications built on top of them.

Accelerate legacy modernization
Our pre-configured platform with 40+ product adapters accelerates legacy modernization while reducing risks.

Product Features

With 40+ adapters, APSP easily integrates with products from several leading vendor and open source providers, providing the freedom to rapidly change products now or in the future.

Standards Compliant
APSP is built in compliance with open source and industry standards allowing you to leverage existing investments, reduce costs, and align with regulatory requirements.

Pre-configured and ready to deploy
With over 50 pre-built technical services and frameworks ready to use, APSP enables up to 50% faster SOA implementation and provides a fully-functioning development environment in weeks.

Tested and refined in real-world environments, APSP reduces your technological, operational and security risks, while satisfying federal guidelines for security, auditing, and control.

Our Technology

Presentation Services
Services that integrate with your portal product and open standards to bring the latest Web 2.0 capabilities to life.

Business Services
Loosely-coupled services that contain critical business functionality. Business services are configurable and based on open standards, like XML and Web services.

Data Services
Services providing access to databases, storage, and repositories. This layer insulates the database backends from the application layers to enforce open standards.

Proven, world-class security services to help protect all the other layers by implementing encryption, audit, and authentication and authorization frameworks.

Technical Services
Highly reusable services that support technical processes such as workflow, reporting, document management, and business rules.

Service Integration
Pre-built services residing in the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that monitor flow of requests from software services and application components. The ESB orchestrates delivery of services, messaging, and transformation capabilities. External systems interact with APSP using web service calls or traditional online and batch interfaces.