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Improving customer service and brand loyalty with personalized communications.


SmartVideo is an integrated solution for video-based interactions giving our clients an advanced way to enhance customer communications while reducing contact center costs, increasing customer satisfaction and retention, and fostering brand loyalty. Offered standalone or integrated with ALIP, SmartVideo gives carriers a way to communicate with their customers throughout the customer engagement lifecycle—from quotations and onboarding to payouts—using personalized client and policy data to generate one-to-one video communications, on demand.


Information through multiple channels
SmartVideos are generated in real-time and can be delivered via email, SMS, Web pages and mobile apps.

Reduce contact center costs
SmartVideo can reduce customer care expenses by 10 to 20 percent due to deflection and a lower duration of related calls.

Drive uptake of value-added services
SmartVideos introduce relevant value-added services or products, such as paperless statements, autopay and My Account creation, delivering a call-to-action click-through rate of up to 26 percent.


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Real-time data on request
Using a combination of data and logic, only the most relevant information is shown to viewers.

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Out-of-the-box integration accelerators
Integration accelerators are offered out-of-the-box across legacy platforms, regardless of whether they are run on ALIP or through another vendor.

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Videos for each stage of the customer lifecycle
Welcome videos, education videos and upsell videos can be created, covering the whole customer engagement lifecycle.

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Comprehensive policy information straight to the customer
Policy details such as account coverage, policy features, claims details and value-added services are showcased.