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Software platforms are at the core of business success. Accenture Software offers industry leading solutions that help drive business results with delivery models to meet every need.

Mike Detwiler

Managing Director – Accenture Software

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About us

For years, Accenture has been providing software-based solutions across a wide range of industries. Accenture Software products are inspired by decades of experience helping our clients solve real business challenges. For end-to-end business solutions or simply innovative business applications, look no further than Accenture Software.

Development driven by our clients

Accenture Software products are developed on a foundation of high-performance business processes and decades of experience solving real business problems. Accenture's ongoing research into the DNA of high-performance businesses enables us to engineer software applications aligned to these principles and deliver a higher business return.

The Power of Choice

Business needs vary. To better a diversity of requirements, Accenture Software offers its clients the power of choice in their software delivery models, including on-premise, hosted, "as a service" and BPO options.

Practical application of emerging technologies

Accenture Software draws upon Accenture technology and industry initiatives as well as our Technology Labs, to bring new technology developments to our products. Our foremost priority, however, is the practical application of new technologies—technology that works in a business environment and drives business outcomes.

Methods-based approaches that deliver higher quality

Accenture Software's commitment to quality starts at the beginning of our development processes. Our sophisticated testing capabilities, built and refined over decades, as well as our methods-based delivery, enables us to deliver higher-quality solutions and "right the first time" outcomes.