Accenture Human Services Suite

The Accenture Human Services Suite offers a proven integrated eligibility solution that helps states reduce risks, lower costs, and deliver compliance at speed.

Product Benefits

Deliver compliance at speed
This ACA-ready integrated eligibility solution comes with pre-configured MAGI rules, real-time eligibility determination, Federal hub interfaces, and more.

Federal hub integration
Leverage pre-built interfaces with the Federal data hub and other state and federal systems, speeding up verification and eligibility decisions.

Lower costs
Streamlined workflow, easy-to-maintain rules, automated processes, lower error rates, and multi-program support all contribute to lowering costs.

Add additional programs into your integrated eligibility mix through a phased approach.

Reduce risk
Designed to address the urgent needs of states to achieve compliance with the Affordable Care Act—reducing costs and risks with proven solutions.

Holistic view of family needs
Allow human services professionals to view the needs of a family holistically, across multiple programs and services they may need.

Multi-program support
Scalable and flexible, the suite can be implemented across programs, agencies and departments, helping to lower total cost of ownership.

Improve case worker efficiency
With no-touch processing, auto-renewals, real-time eligibility assessment, and an integrated intake process for multiple programs or individuals.

Product Features

No-touch processing
Applications that meet certain criteria run through “no-touch processing” – real-time eligibility determination without caseworker intervention.

Affordable care act features
Out-of-the-box functionality to meet ACA requirements, including pre-built MAGI rules, automatic application processing, and Federal Data Services Hub interface.

Automated eligibility determination
The automated Eligibility Determination and Benefit Calculation (EDBC) process compares the case data with the policy rules from the rules engine to determine household and/or individual eligibility.

Easy configuration
Built on SOA-based standards and principles, the suite allows easy configuration and maintenance.

Our Technology

Ease to use
Accenture Software solutions are designed to be quick for agency staff to learn and are well supported by realistic training scenarios.

Solutions can be configured rapidly to support both current and future needs in an integrated way, reducing technology and management costs.

Our out-of-the box components are pre-configured and pretested to save time. Pre-built workflow and program rules content is pre-populated with state and federal rules.

Our collaboration tools and devices enable more streamlined, higher-quality claims processing.

Easy to integrate across agencies
Our solutions are built on a foundation of SOA principles and come standard with pre-built interfaces and connectors for common cross-agency needs, maximizing data sharing across program boundaries.

Shared Business Services
Robust configuration tools make our software cost effective to implement and to keep up-to-date with policy and regulatory changes.

Standards compliant
Aligned with industry technology standards (OASIS, WC3, WS*I) and government standards including MITA, NIEM, NIST, FTRM and others.

Maximizing existing investment
Our vendor-independent architecture can enable agencies to swap or upgrade vendor components over time without having to abandon applications built on top of them.