Accenture Citizen Self-Service Portal

The Accenture Citizen Self-Service Portal (ACSSP) is a secure, public-facing portal allowing citizens to check eligibility for multiple social programs, apply and manage benefits online.

Product Benefits

Reduce costs
Automated processes, cross-agency use, citizen input and self-service all contribute to reduced costs for the agency.

Streamlined workflow processes
By leveraging Business Process Management (BPM), the portal lets you easily manage and add workflows according to program or business needs.

Easy access to integrated services
24/7 access to benefits and applications for a variety of social programs.

Enhanced communications
The electronic message center allows 24/7 communication between case workers and citizens.

Real-time results and status
Real-time eligibility results and status updates, including anonymous benefits eligibility screening.

Seamless integration
Easy integration with Accenture Benefits Management System or your existing eligibility determination system.

Quicker and easier benefits management
Simple-to-use online tools allow citizens to check eligibility, apply for benefits, report changes, and quickly access or renew benefits.

Product Features

No-touch processing
Applications that meet certain criteria run through “no-touch processing” – real-time eligibility determination without caseworker intervention, improving efficiencies.

Affordable care act features
Out-of-the-box functionality to meet ACA requirements, including pre-built MAGI rules and automatic application processing to enable real-time eligibility determination.

Support for multiple programs and agencies
A scalable and adaptable solution, ACSSP can serve multiple agencies and easily expands to accommodate additional programs.

Anonymous eligibility screening
Citizens can complete a quick and easy self-assessment and receive a list of benefits for which they may qualify.

Our Technology

Flexible configuration allows agencies to customize the user interface and eligibility rules without custom coding, allowing agencies to adapt to change quickly.

Business Process Management (BPM)
By leveraging BPM, the portal lets you easily manage and add workflows according to program or business needs, enhancing control and efficiency.

Scalable and Expandable
Built on true portal technology and highly scalable, the portal easily adjusts to accommodate additional programs and serve multiple agencies.

Robust integration with eligibility systems
ACSSP fully integrates with the Accenture Benefits Management System or an existing eligibility system, allowing applicants to view eligibility results, review case data, or report changes.