Accenture Benefits Management System

The Accenture Benefits Management System (ABMS) is a client-focused solution for public assistance and social welfare programs, designed to help agencies streamline case management and better serve families.

Product Benefits

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Streamline case management by allowing case workers to accept input for multiple programs in an integrated intake process, and by automating eligibility assessment.

Multi-program support
Scalable and flexible, ABMS can be implemented across programs, agencies and departments, helping to lower total cost of ownership.

Reduce costs
Streamlined workflow, easy-to-maintain rules, automated processes, lower error rates, and multi-program support all contribute to lowering agency costs.

Built-in ACA Support
This ACA-ready integrated eligibility solution comes with pre-configured MAGI rules, and includes support for multiple programs such as SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid.

Holistic view of family needs
Allow human services professionals to view the needs of a family holistically, across multiple programs and services they may need.

Product Features

No-touch processing
Applications that meet certain criteria run through “no-touch processing” – real-time eligibility determination without caseworker intervention.

Affordable Care Act Features
Out-of-the-box functionality to meet ACA requirements, including pre-built MAGI rules, automatic application processing, and Federal Data Services Hub interface.

Automated eligibility determination
The automated Eligibility Determination and Benefit Calculation (EDBC) process compares the case data with the policy rules from the rules engine to determine household and/or individual eligibility.

Easy configuration
ABMS is built on SOA-based standards and principles, allowing easy configuration and maintenance. System components such as business services, rules, and portlets, are kept external to the code for simple and fast configuration and updates.

Our Technology

Centralized Data
ABMS tracks information collected and shares it across programs, preventing data duplication, and allowing workers to access centralized case and individual data.

Built on true portal technology and highly scalable, the system easily adjusts to accommodate additional programs and serve multiple agencies.

External Rules Engine
ABMS uses a commercial rules engine for eligibility determination and benefit calculations, enabling efficient and timely rule changes.

Business Services
Loosely-coupled services that contain critical business functionality. Business services are configurable and based on open standards, like XML and Web services.

Configurable components, services, pages, rules and interfaces support efficient and rapid business implementation and changes.

Automated Workflows
Workflows can be defined to automatically process work items according to agency business procedures resulting in improved efficiency.