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ALIP University

Mastering the Power of ALIP


Welcome to the ALIP University. Through the University, Accenture Life Insurance and Annuity Platform (ALIP) users are able to gain certification on critical functions within the platform.

Learn how to master the power of ALIP, furthering your organization’s ability to become more self-sufficient on the platform. Whether a novice or advanced user, our course materials are designed to be specific to your skill-level.

ALIP University

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Product Configuration and AACE

One of ALIP’s strongest assets is the ability to configure the platform and products, without the need for development, in most cases. Take advantage of the power of configuration! This course is for resources with in-depth product knowledge who are looking to gain a solid understanding of the product components of ALIP.

  • Topic 1 - Introduction to ALIP Product Configuration

  • Topic 2 - AACE—The Calculation Engine


Advanced Product Configuration Courses

Once you’ve mastered the introductory skill level of product configuration, it’s time to take a deeper dive into advanced capabilities. These advanced courses aim to provide a greater understanding of product configuration in the following areas:

  • Traditional Life Products

  • Non-Traditional Life Products

  • Annuity Products

  • Miscellaneous Topics


Business Configuration

Gain a broad overview of all of the components associated with business configuration in the ALIP platform with this introductory course. The course is not product or company specific, but instead concentrates on the business configuration framework.

  • Topic 1 - Overview to ALIP Business Configuration

  • Topic 2 - Schema Management

  • Topic 3 - Page Groups

  • Topic 4 - Rule Groups

  • Topic 5 - Lookup Tables

  • Topic 6 - Workflow

  • Topic 7 - Miscellaneous Topics