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November 3rd, 2015

Accenture has been the Official Global Systems Integration Partner of Expo Milano 2015.

Accenture played a leading role in the success of the 2015 Universal Exhibition, 2015, the first in the age of digital transformation: a disruptive process that is changing not only businesses and products but also how consumers interact, how knowledge is shared and how everyday experiences are created.

We collaborated with the leadership of Expo Milano 2015 from the start of this ambitious, complex project that brought together approximately 21 million visitors, 142 participating nations and many different partners. We accepted the challenge, the risks and the complexities with enthusiasm and committed to provide the client with service excellence and each individual visitor with a unique, enriched experience.

Being an Official Global Partner for us meant committing to a vision that leaves a valuable legacy globally and that stimulated innovation projects locally. It outlined today how the smart city will evolve tomorrow and built a new template for future digitally-enabled global events.

At the end of this long project which brought a wealth of innovative energy to this region, we rest assured that our role as partner was unique and that we successfully enabled a complex ecosystem by deploying our competences that are recognized as global and distinctive.

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How we helped

Accenture has leveraged its strategic and technological capabilities and digital best practices to enable visitors to experience the Universal Exhibition of Milan as an innovative, digital event.

For Expo Milano 2015, Accenture has created a Service Delivery Platform (SDP), what may be defined the event’s “nervous system”, gathering together, analysing and processing all the information flows relating to Expo 2015, its partners and exhibitors, in order to generate services for visitors and Expo itself.

Accenture’s SDP has handled over 2.5 million transactions, up to 7.5 million notifications based on the location of visitors, 150,000 emails and 2.6 million text messages a day.

For visitors, Accenture developed the Expo Milano 2015 official mobile app, also enabled by the SDP. The app has provided users with a “digital assistant” before, during and after their visit to Expo.

The “MyExpo” customer care portal, developed by Accenture and integrated into the Expo 2015 website, has enabled registered users to customize their visit and integrated the event’s e-ticketing service into the Expo’s technology ecosystem.

Accenture has also managed the Expo Milano 2015 IT program, integrating the needs of its public and private stakeholders within a highly complex ecosystem from a technical, digital and business viewpoint.

Among the Business services enabled by the SDP were:

  • A Presence & Location Management System that, through geolocation, has allowed Expo 2015 and its partners to send notifications to visitors based on their position in the exhibition area.

  • An e-Couponing service, which has enabled Expo 2015 and its partners to create promotional campaigns targeting visitors, based on their MyExpo profile preferences and geolocation in the exhibition area.

  • The Business Intelligence platform, which could automatically send notifications via the mobile app.

  • A Campaign Management platform, which has handled text messages and email communication to target lists of MyExpo registered users.

Confirming its distinctive capabilities in the field of digital innovation and transformation, Accenture has also been involved in Expo Milano 2015 as enabler of the technology and digital solutions used to create the Supermarket of the Future by Coop and the Digital Lifestyle Experience, both part of Expo’s Future Food District.

Accenture has also been present at Expo Milano 2015 with its own Digital Lounge: a space reserved for a select group of visitors, where they could experience Digital Transformation thanks to in-depth focus on topics related to innovation in the world of agribusiness, retail and customer experience and sustainability.

Expo official app

The Expo Milano 2015 Official App has been the “digital gateway” to Expo 2015.

Available free of charge from the App Store and Google Play, it registered over 1.6 million downloads.

By entering their personal profile, the app has enabled users to plan their visit to Expo 2015, buy entry tickets and create a customised diary of events. It contained an interactive map of the exhibition site and provided visitors with a calendar showing what was on, real-time notifications and information based on user location.

During the visit, the app also offered a personalised guide, capable of interacting with the technology of beacons located around Expo 2015.

Thanks to the services enabled by Accenture’s analytics included in the SDP platform, through the Official App users could record and share on social media information collected during their visit: from the number of kilometres covered to their experiences in country pavilions and events in which they took part.

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