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Accenture acquires S3 TV Technology

Accenture’s acquisition of S3 TV Technology empowers video service providers with enhanced quality and performance to meet increasing consumer demand.

Strategic Solutions

Accenture's Digital Video Services with S3 TV Technology provides global video businesses with an optimized total user experience to meet the ever-increasing consumer demands for video across every platform and device.

S3 TV Technology expands Accenture’s global video consulting, systems integration and automated testing capabilities across all video industry segments. S3 TV Technology’s StormTest® platform enables video service providers to continuously test and optimize every aspect of their services. It also improves user experience and enhances the quality and performance of video products in an increasingly competitive and evolving landscape.

S3 TV Technology does this by iteratively and actively testing all aspects of that experience throughout the service delivery lifecycle from development and QA to live networks and end consumer devices.


Accenture's Digital Video Services combined with S3 TV Technology offers an integrated, holistic and agile approach to video technology that allows video-driven businesses to leverage cloud device-based technologies to launch, monitor and iterate their products into the marketplace.

Together we help global video businesses create and evolve high-quality experiences and products through broadband (IP) and broadcast networks, video on demand (VOD) and catch-up television services.

The integration of Accenture Digital Video Services with the S3 TV Technology platform offers a cutting-edge, end-to-end solution for global video service providers enabling them to build dynamic, interactive relationships with customers and enhanced performance across multiple platforms. S3 TV Technology also creates a continuous and reliable delivery model that helps businesses stay competitive and deliver more innovative features to customers.


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