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Stephen Zoegall is Industry Lead for Accenture's Global Cities, Transport & Infrastructure practice, focusing on strategic transformation across those three convergent domains. This global practice is the tip of the spear team drawing together the best of Accenture's capabilities and driving innovation in the form of new strategies and services to serve clients in more than 80 cities around the world. He brings more than 12 years' industry experience to his role supporting cities and public agencies to improve citizen service delivery, transform their operations, and increase their resilience and sustainability.

In his decade of service at Accenture, Stephen has led a broad range of strategy and digital transformation programs around the world. These include designing the digital roads strategy of a national Ministry of Transport in the Middle East, co-creating the 10-year smart city vision of a global engineering firm in the UK, developing a mobile app strategy for one of the largest transit agencies in North America, providing enterprise capability assessment advising for a transport agency in Australia-New Zealand, engaging political and community leaders to create a smart district in Nigeria, and leading design of the largest-ever biofuels shipping pilot in the Netherlands.

Having worked across sectors and industries, Stephen now focuses on partnering with cities, public agencies and fixed-perimeter clients (airports, ports and campuses) to get maximum value from digital-physical convergence – the application of new and emerging digital tools and services to the benefit of the built environment. This entails active exploration of the value to cities and citizens of Digital Twins, cloud-based platforms, 5G MEC, CAVs, IoT-enabled infrastructure, and a constantly evolving suite of integrated solutions from Accenture and its extensive ecosystem of globally leading partners. Stephen believes that digital innovation, anchored to a citizen-centric systems mindset, has the power to bring deep and durable positive change to our future cities.

Based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Stephen joined Accenture in 2012 with an MS in Sustainability Management from Columbia University and a PhD/AM in literature from Harvard University. He is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP 2.0). He enjoys traveling, hiking, tennis, scuba diving, and Japanese gardening.

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Read Stephen’s insights about cities, transport and infrastructure and the strategic transformation across all three domains.

Creating resilience against future system shocks

It requires ambitious, bold and flexible responses that balance economic imperatives, technological enablement and human needs.

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