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Ryan Gaetz is an innovation award–winning managing director in Accenture Health & Public Service collaborating with clients across education and federal, state and local government. He has more than 20 years of experience helping clients improve their back-office investments through process, customer relationship management, IT service management, software-as-a-service, human resources, finance and student information system initiatives.

Ryan currently serves as the Accenture Global Health & Public Service Workday Lead. He is responsible for the full business operations of 350+ professionals dedicated to delivering cloud technology to drive back-office transformation for education and government clients. He also has business responsibilities for Accenture’s Public Service Salesforce & MuleSoft practices in North America.

Ryan is an accredited Angel investor and active equities investor. Both interests provide deep insights into how the market is moving and help Ryan stay at the forefront of innovative solutions he brings to his clients.

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Transforming the back office is no longer just an IT priority - it’s a key to long-term survival.

Learn why legacy systems have become an employee health risk for government and higher education.

Ready for bold change in your back-office? Start by thinking through two key questions.

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