Rahul Gupta

Managing Director – Consulting, Cities, Transport and Infrastructure, North America

"What we leave behind are honest and purposeful relationships forged over a lifetime of doing kind deeds; weaving your legacy into the lives you touch."

About Rahul

Rahul Gupta is the North America lead for Accenture’s cities, transport and infrastructure public service practice. An innovative, inclusive, and servant leader with over 32 years of experience serving public sector and industrial clients across North America, Middle East, Europe and Asia; Rahul has a strong focus on converging digital disruption, infrastructure, mobility, and user experience.

Rahul has a recognized record of successfully delivering outcomes and measurable results for businesses, public sector, and consumers alike; establishing enduring businesses and projects; dedicated focus towards accessibility and user experience, security, safety, resilience and sustainability.

Rahul is a recognized thought leader in the industry and often speaks on disruptive technologies, industry issues, and resilience. Prior to Accenture Rahul was a partner at Deloitte, PwC and PRTM, and served in the US Government for 15 years as a professional staff on US House and Senate Committees, the GAO, the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and on Independent Commissions.

Rahul has MAs from the University of Chicago, a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a baccalaureat from Cours Rene Descartes, and certificates from National Defense University, CCL, CMU and AFCEA. He is based in Arlington, Virginia.

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