About Kyle

Kyle Michl is the Chief Innovation Officer and the Defense Technology Account Lead (TAL) at Accenture Federal Services.

As Chief Innovation Officer, Michl helps drive growth opportunities and identifies high-impact innovation strategies that focus on emerging technology incubation, rapid prototyping, and co-creation of innovative solutions. He also explores new technology ventures with the AFS partner ecosystem.

As the Defense TAL, he leads the development of technology and innovation capabilities for the Defense portfolio which includes the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, and Intelligence Community. He is focused on bringing together innovative solutions from the commercial industry with defense expertise to advance client missions, enhance operations, and empower the workforce.

Michl has worked across technology strategy, systems integration, and technology and infrastructure consulting since joining Accenture in 1997. He has extensive experience outlining strategies for and delivering large-scale digital transformation programs.

Michl is a graduate from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor's degree in Engineering.

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