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Jonathan Fry, Accenture’s higher education business lead, brings more than 20 years of experience in consulting. He has experience helping universities worldwide to drive cost effectiveness, optimize their business processes and transform their operations. More recently, he has partnered with more than 70 institutions around the world on the challenges and opportunities of digital disruption for universities. His current focus is on how digital is changing the student experience end-to-end, from application to alumni.

Jonathan is a thought leader, applying human centered design and in-depth knowledge of innovative digital technologies to the university experience. For example exploring how technologies such as virtual reality have the potential to transform student experiences from admissions processes to teaching in the classroom.

During Jonathan’s near two-decade career with Accenture, he has also been involved in a wide range of consulting activities, from system implementations to HR transformation. He spent five years as a consultant helping to transform Accenture’s internal HR function, experience that he now brings to his work with higher education clients.

As a leading consultant, Jonathan’s focus is on helping universities to address the challenges and capture the opportunities confronting them in the digital age.

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