Intelligent Payer: Superpower your workforce with AI

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 | 2:00 pm -3:00 pm ET

Accenture analysis reveals that artificial intelligence (AI) could free up more than half of a company’s workforce capacity. This could unlock $1 billion annually for reinvestment for every 10 million members served by a health insurance provider.

Health insurance providers have embraced AI to modernize processes, but there is even more untapped opportunity to harness AI to turn human potential into superhuman power. The combination of intelligent technologies and flexible workforces can elevate human work—unlocking new value for the workforce, employers, members and providers.

Listen to this webinar to learn innovative ways of building new agility into operations and challenging long-held industry practices by taking these actions:

  • Reimagine the nature of the work itself
  • Rethink other supports and strategies that can supercharge workforce performance
  • Rebrand the workplace using AI to improve the employee experience
  • Reskill and “new skill” the workforce


Health's new future & virtual behavioral health

The healthcare industry is adjusting to a new future brought about by COVID-19, impacting all business and growth strategies going forward. Material changes are on the horizon, necessitating a NewFUTURE framework to outmaneuver uncertainty and reimagine healthcare: seamlessly connecting care, society and work.

As this crisis continues to leave its mark, behavioral health has been elevated as top priority in the industry. Research shows that virtual behavioral healthcare services can eliminate access issues presented by traditional care methods. They remove geographic, physical and other barriers to free up clinician time and enable people to self-manage their situation more effectively. But will people use them? Accenture research points to material latent demand in these channels. A full 81% of consumers diagnosed with or experiencing a behavioral health condition "definitely" or "probably" would engage in a virtual channel.

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