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Shenhua group: E-commerce platform

Read how Accenture and Shenhua collaborated to build a secure, market-leading e-commerce platform.


Shenhua Group, the world’s largest coal distributor, partnered with Accenture to design and implement a secure, market-leading e-commerce platform in just five months. Working together, Shenhua and Accenture delivered a robust online transaction system that can bring together multiple buyers and sellers, while supporting the online sales of its products, ultimately strengthening its brand in the market.

The Shenhua Group is a large-scale, diversified enterprise with coal mining as its core business, and other businesses that include electric power, railways, ports, shipping, coal-to-liquids and coal chemical engineering.

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Shenhua was experiencing growing volumes in its coal sales, and wanted to replace its traditional sales approach with an optimized model that could support continued growth with increased efficiency. The company decided to build a large, secure and market-leading e-commerce platform.

This extensive effort would require new technology and a transformation of Shenhua’s sales operations. In addition, Shenhua required the new platform to be up and running in just a few months to help it take advantage of a dynamic coal market.


Shenhua and Accenture worked together closely to develop a platform design guided by several key concepts, including multi-transaction model support, online and offline coordination, support for diverse payment methods, and customer experience first. Using the Oracle ATG Web Commerce Solution as a foundation, the team rapidly deployed the new platform (, completing the entire effort in just five months.

Accenture also helped design a key-account business channel function, integrated the e-commerce platform with Shenhua’s existing CRM system, and worked with financial institutions to enable electronic payment capabilities. And with an eye on the ongoing evolution of the business, Accenture helped design a road map outlining a future business model and future strategies for Shenhua's e-commerce operations.


Shenhua now has a robust, online transaction system that can bring together multiple buyers and sellers, while supporting the online sales of Shenhua's entire portfolio of coal products and petrochemical products. The platform provides a set of standardized transaction rules, contract templates and platform management approaches to help streamline buying and selling, along with high levels of transparency and traceability in transaction processes.

The e-commerce platform is helping Shenhua achieve the goals of transforming its sales model and reducing operational costs, improving collaboration with the company’s value-chain partners and ultimately strengthening Shenhua’s brand in the market.