How to keep up with a modern city’s upkeep

A modern city is a complex web of overlapping public, private, community and individual interests. It’s what makes urban living so vibrant. But that complexity can cause a headache for city maintenance technicians. Add the fact that many of Paris’s public buildings date from the 1800s, and you’ve got a seriously big job on your hands.

The bustling city needed a new, 21st century solution that could keep up with its needs. So, we came in to take its maintenance planning to a new level through mobile connectivity—and kick-start a digital transformation journey.



A new "app"-roach to maintenance
View of the Eiffel tower Paris France

We knew straightaway that mobile connectivity of city maintenance personnel was key. Combining a mobile app for each technician in the field with an integrated web app for maintenance chiefs back at the office, we transformed the way Paris maintains its public buildings. Our solution—incorporating the latest SAP services, our expertise in user interfaces, and other cutting-edge technologies—was created at top speed.

After just eight months, maintenance chiefs were organizing task boards, assigning repairs and streamlining operations using our application. And technicians were viewing repair orders on our user-friendly mobile app, linking to Google Maps to get them to the right place at the right time, and recording audio summaries of each repair rather than laboriously typing into their phones. Best of all, they rarely had to check in at the office anymore because everything they needed was already in their pocket.


4 Iterations of app


600 Smartphones deployed


+20% More Repairs each day


200 Expert agents



Mobile connectivity is the upgrade a city needs

In connecting up its army of maintenance crews, Paris is demonstrating how to bring city management into the 21st century. This highly streamlined solution is delivering new levels of efficiency in city planning. Instead of wasting time travelling to pick up paper-based repair orders, technicians can simply switch on their mobile devices and get to work. That’s great for the technicians. And it’s great for city life too: Maintenance chiefs are now able to schedule 20 percent more repairs every day. To that, Parisians are no doubt saying: Magnifique!

Arial view of the city of Paris France