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Dutch telecommunications provider: Network BPO

Accenture helped this leading information and telecommunications provider in the Netherlands, with market-leading brands in Germany and Belgium.


This telecommunications provider in the Netherlands wanted to position itself in the rapidly expanding and highly competitive Internet protocol services market. To do so, it needed to build and maintain higher-bandwidth networks while upgrading its systems to support the new technologies. At the same time, it wanted to stay focused on existing customers using traditional technologies. Executives decided to outsource several processes in their existing service portfolio, so it could manage costs more tightly and deploy its own skilled professionals in high-impact areas.


  • Breakeven for Accenture’s services was achieved within the first full year of the engagement. This enabled the European telco to invest in fiber-optic, next-generation networks and thus support its strategy.

  • Accenture’s help, the company achieved savings of 55 percent, significantly higher than the 39 percent originally estimated, and a projected 50-60 percent for the 5 year contract period.

  • Customer satisfaction improved by increasing first-time right resolutions from 85 to 99 percent and significantly reducing lead times.

  • Rework dropped by about 80 percent.

  • The Tier 1 European telco was able to focus on new innovation strategies for their core business, their clients and upcoming areas of development.

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