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Embracing New IT isn’t an option, it’s survival. To successfully move to the New, your network must keep up. Feeling confident?

Reinvent the foundation of your business

Businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud and embracing digital. According to the Accenture Technology Vision, 94 percent of executives say the pace of innovation in their organizations has accelerated over the past three years. The network has become a strategic enabler.

Most enterprise networks, however, are built to serve the needs of another era. The shift toward cloud and digital is putting networks under tremendous pressure to meet demands for greater bandwidth, performance and security.

Accenture is uniquely positioned to help clients transform their networks. Our “real-world” experience drives proven solutions and implementation approaches anchored in deep industry knowledge and broad technical expertise. We can help you create a network that unlocks performance and unleashes the business.

Accenture surveyed 300 IT and business executives to learn how ready their enterprise networks are to meet today’s demands and future requirements.


Accenture is uniquely positioned to help clients transform their networks, offering the full spectrum of services—from strategy to transformation to operations.

Network strategy

Assess digital business transformation opportunities and define the path to a digital-ready network.

Cloud networking

Reimagine your network architecture to accelerate Cloud adoption.

Advanced wireless & IoT

Expand your network capabilities to support the exploding number of connected devices and increasing data consumption of IoT applications.

Managed network services

Optimize network performance for greater agility, reliability and security.

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How we work

With Accenture, it’s more than just technology. We’ll help you craft the right technical solution and we’ll help develop the operating models, governance and new skill requirements needed to successfully support your business strategy.

A spectrum of assessment tools

We assess your business needs and help define a compelling business case for an optimized solution geared to meet the business objectives.

A factory model that speeds transformation

Our Accelerate tool automates recurring tasks, compresses delivery timelines and provides a single point of process control.

Operational analytics and automation

We bring the capabilities needed to implement your new network and continuously enhance overall solution performance and business value.

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Building your device-to-cloud network

Today’s networks are being pushed harder than ever and in ways they were never designed for, leading to spiraling costs and poor support. Learn how networks are evolving and the steps needed to keep pace with increasing business demands.

Network challenges in the age of cloud and digital

Building a device-to-cloud network

What we think

Define your target state network

Accenture and Cisco have invested over 10,000 hours developing network profiles and tools for specific business use cases. Each use case includes an optimized architecture customized for that business need and is designed to drive value.

Power up your network for digital and cloud.


Digital X-Ray Executive Overview

Digital X-Ray analyzes a company’s current network capabilities & compares it to the capabilities & architecture needed to support digital & cloud.

Digital X-Ray Benefits

Digital X-Ray reveals network gaps against target architectures optimized for specific business needs.

Awards & recognition

Find out why Accenture is an integral part of helping clients develop and deploy the strategic network capabilities needed to accelerate their drive to cloud and digital.


Leader in Everest PEAK Matrix for Network Transformation and Managed Services



Leader in Everest PEAK Matrix for SD-WAN Transformation and Managed Services



Xtend Global Partner of the Year



Xtend Geographical Partner of the Year – Americas and EMEAR


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