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Delivering meaningful customer experiences is the new battleground for brands. With accelerating complexity, delivering a cohesive brand experience remains elusive. CMOs are looking for expert global partners who can activate, operate and scale marketing programs that deliver increased impact and marketing led growth. CMOs need to drive more efficiency and effectiveness from their marketing investments to demonstrate the effect to both bottom-and top-line financial results. 

Sustaining this growth requires a new operating model one that is anchored around the customer and driven by intelligence to deliver exceptional experiences across the enterprise.

Accelerate the journey with SynOps for marketing

We help organizations create intelligent operating models enabled by SynOps—our human-machine operating engine. Powered by data, applied intelligence, digital technologies and exceptional talent, SynOps drives breakthrough customer experiences, tangible business outcomes and viable long-term growth.

Steeped in business process expertise, SynOps for Marketing enables marketing departments to move away from traditional manual data processing to a predictive and proactive mindset — backed by diverse data, advanced analytics and intelligence to accelerate innovation and revenue growth, while reducing costs and improving brand compliance.

Pairing the power of Accenture’s digital innovation with leading marketing talent, SynOps for Marketing allows people and technology to work together like never before to inform content creation, campaign planning and activation and personalized experiences.

Synops for Marketing

Accenture's video shows how can you increase revenue 11-fold in just four months with Synops for marketing. See more.

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Activate remarkable experiences

Step into a powerful network of tens of thousands of digital professionals, paving the way with a new, data-driven, content powered approach to achieving breakthrough outcomes. Choose from any one of our global Experience Activation Centers where superior end-to end capabilities and intelligent execution come together to accelerate cost-efficient, marketing-led growth.

Captivate customers with experiences that draw from local language, client and context knowledge, top talent, automation and collaboration while achieving seamless execution at scale.

In September, 2019 Accenture launched its new Experience Activation Center in Mumbai, dedicated to activating, operating and scaling client experiences, with design-thinking spaces, immersive demonstration zones, interactive digital surfaces, and more.

HFS highlight

HfS report how Accenture’s customer engagement acquisition strategy is aimed at OneOffice dominance in a virtual world.

Marketing Operations managed services include:

Next generation content services

Develop, amplify and optimize powerful digital content. Leverage technology to drive operational efficiency, lower costs and improve marketing ROI.

  • Content design
  • Dynamic content creation
  • Content distribution
  • Content management
  • Scaled analytics

Digital marketing services

Maximize customer engagement, loyalty and brand value while constantly measuring and optimizing channel performance.

  • Data-driven planning
  • Campaign personalization
  • Digital asset management
  • Execution and optimization
  • Performance dashboard management

Programmatic digital media services

Experience an entirely new execution engine to improve top- and bottom-line results.

  • Planning activation and channel optimization
  • Budget tracking
  • Performance analytics
  • Dynamic content creation
  • Fraud prevention, verification and viewability governance

eCommerce services

Boost digital sales with enhanced product visibility, customer engagement and traffic.

  • eContent creation and delivery
  • eCatalog design and product evolution
  • eMarketing activation and client training
  • eStore set-up and optimization
  • Digital sales analytics

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Case studies

Winning the battle for sports fans’ attention.

The goal? To leverage Radisson’s brand equity to curate exceptional digital customer experiences.

Carnival Corporation creates hyper-relevant experiences for thousands of guests at a time.

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Business outcomes delivered include:


Doubled customer response rate through an optimized and personalized content production and delivery process.


Acceleration in global speed to market for clients across multiple industries. We achieved this by reducing content and campaign development processing time by half.


Increase in asset utilization by developing and executing a more effective digital content management approach.


Growth in digital sales by creating and deploying personalized activation strategies across paid, owned and earned channels.


Unlocking the value of marketing operations

Accenture named the overall Leader in Marketing BPS Services.

Interactive welcomes CreativeDrive, a leader in tech-driven content production.

Accenture acquires CreativeDrive to help clients reinvent content production and distribution at speed and scale.

Accenture acquires Yesler Inc.

The acquisition expands Accenture’s B2B marketing capabilities and accelerates our ability to help clients activate and run the best customer experiences.

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