Strategy and Partnerships

Fusing powerful partnerships to scale solutions and drive innovation in international development


Driven by a convergence of interests, interlocking skills and growing recognition of mutual benefits, the development community, the private sector and governments are coming together in new ways. They are breaking down long-time barriers between the sectors to deliver more sustainable and scalable impact. Coupled with innovations in digital technology and delivery models, agile structures and approaches are replacing old log frame models to address global challenges—from climate change to migration.

Disruption and teaming are the new normal as the role of aid and the architecture of international development change. Development organizations are rethinking how they work to drive sustainable impact at scale—from exploring market-based approaches and partnerships to evolving business and operating models to generate new funding, create operational efficiencies, and sustain impact. Business is approaching issues once deemed “social” as highly strategic. Donors want assurances around value for their money. And digital-savvy start-ups are creating more competition for outside funding.

Why Accenture

Development organizations need sound business strategies and partnerships that position them for success now and in the future, no matter how the development landscape evolves.

Accenture Development Partnerships helps them get ready for what’s next. We focus on growth strategy and market expansion, business and operating model design, fundraising and revenue diversification, cross-sector partnership strategy and implementation, impact investing, and social entrepreneurship.

We are well positioned to develop sustainable solutions tailored for the development community, yet grounded in Accenture’s extensive global, cross-industry commercial knowledge and experience. We help organizations think bigger and act differently to fuse powerful cross-sector partnerships so they do not have to go it alone. With relationships across the public, private and social sectors—and rare understanding of the needs and inner workings of each—we are champions and consensus builders.

The broad-spectrum impact of CE3 at the community level is truly inspiring. Providing access to energy and lighting, CE3 creates new job opportunities driven by skills-building and entrepreneurism—reducing the number of people engaged in migratory labor outside of the community.


Specific Services

Growth strategy and innovation. Combining deep business and development sector insight with innovative methods to identify and pursue opportunities for growth.

Business and operating models. Developing market-based solutions and organizational blueprints for initiatives with sustainable impact.

Cross sector partnerships. Designing, driving and evaluating transformational partnerships among multiple stakeholders.

Revenue diversification and impact investing. Helping the development community explore, define and implement innovative financing solutions.

Social entrepreneurship. Supporting the adoption and growth of social enterprise models and broader social entrepreneurship ecosystems.