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Oracle Engineered Systems Managed Services

Clients get results faster and more cost-effectively because our data center transformation services are integrated with Oracle's engineered solutions.


Accenture Enkitec Group and Oracle are helping clients transform their data centers to achieve the flexibility and scalability their business needs to move quickly in an increasingly digital world.

Our data center transformation services are integrated with Oracle’s engineered systems to help clients achieve business benefits more quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively.

This transformation helps reduce data storage requirements and increase application performance. Unique in their breadth, structure and approach—Accenture Engineered Systems Solutions for Oracle can help change the nature of the data center, delivering performance, power and flexibility in a smaller, more cost-effective simplified footprint with reduced risk while slashing total cost of ownership (TCO) through dramatic consolidation.


  • We are a leading Oracle alliance partner with over 52,000 Oracle-skilled consultants globally who are equipped to design, build, and run end-to-end industry-specific solutions across the Oracle stack. Our jointly-supported Accenture Innovation Center for Oracle Engineered Systems enables clients to try before they buy via proof-of-concept demonstrations.

  • We have a proven track record of designing, building, and operating bundled engineered systems solutions at scale, thereby lowering risk and improving time-to-value, and more than 20 years of experience delivering large-scale ERP and complex data center transformations at significant scale.

  • We have a dedicated team of 300 specialists, combining experience with proprietary, field-tested methodologies and tools to work with clients to deliver innovative solutions to enhance the value from their Oracle investment and transform their data centers.

  • Supported by a dedicated team of Oracle’s top engineered systems engineers, Accenture Enkitec Group and Oracle work side-by-side to deliver and support the solutions, speeding time-to-value and reducing risk.

Our field-tested methodologies and tools include:

  • Accenture Exadata Migration Toolkit and Accenture Exadata Migration Methodology—which can migrate a vendor database to Exadata and reduce the amount and cost of effort by up to 50 percent.

  • Accenture Foundation Platform for Oraclewhich accelerates the creation of a technical architecture and helps save project costs using pre-built, tested, integrated, and configured Exalogic Oracle virtual-machine images for Oracle’s fusion middleware.

Client benefits consist of:

  • Flexibility and scalability to support a digital business

  • High performance

  • Reduced complexity

  • Reduced risk

  • Enhanced service capabilities

  • Accelerated innovations

  • Significant cost reduction


We have created a set of solutions and tools that incorporate Oracle’s engineered systems—Oracle Exadata, Exalogic and Exalytics—into our market-leading data center transformation implementation and outsourcing assets to accelerate time-to-value for clients deploying Oracle database technology.

We can help you with:

  • Platform Readiness Assessment—Assess the current infrastructure, database and application landscape to define the short-, mid- and long-term strategic and tactical roadmaps and develop a business case on how clients can benefit by using engineered systems in their ecosystem.

  • Platform Implementation—Deploy the appropriate engineered system(s) platform into client ecosystem and integrate operations, infrastructure and service management tools, processes and procedures. We can also help develop a service catalog which sets the foundation for Platform as a Service (PaaS).

  • Application Rationalization—Modernize and enhance the applications targeted for engineered systems and integrate operations and service management tools, processes and procedures to achieve a high performing application landscape.

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  • Database Rationalization—Modernize and enhance the databases targeted for Engineered systems, and integrate operations and service management tools, processes and procedures to achieve a high performing database landscape and Database as a Service (DBaaS) Capability.

  • Managed Services—Manage the client’s applications and infrastructure on engineered system(s) platforms to provide a service oriented view of operations and also help achieve lower cost to operate while achieving higher stability, scalability, performance and availability.

Together, Accenture Enkitec Group and Oracles are investing in, collaborating on, and already implementing transformational industry-specific solutions. Recent examples include the Accenture Life Sciences R&D Cloud, which helps life sciences clients analyze enormous amounts of clinical data to help improve overall development and enhancements of drugs, and the Accenture Public Service Platform, a private-cloud solution that can accelerate implementation of systems for health reform.