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Making security work the way it should for SaaS in the financial services industry

Banks, insurance co's and other financial services firms view software as a service as a means to boost efficiency and meet regulatory requirements.


SaaS technology holds the promise of leaner and meaner performance in a host of critical areas: customer relationship management, service operations, mobility, human resources and information technology.

Businesses can accelerate implementation of these capabilities and realize tangible benefits, including lower costs, shorter time to market and improved insights into customers.

However, adopting these applications often involves sensitive information on customers, IT or other aspects of the business. As a result, data protection, regulatory compliance and security have moved to the forefront of discussions.

 We’ve demonstrated that with the right practices and tools, Saas data can be as secure as what’s handled by on-premise applications.

Why Accenture

We’ve been a leading SaaS provider for nearly a decade, with more than 6,600 skilled personnel and more than 600 enterprise implementations across all major industries.

By identifying which business processes provide competitive advantage and developing an end-state business and IT architecture, we helps use SaaS across your enterprise to achieve significant benefits.

Our global experience, innovative methodologies and rapid implementation approach, coupled with our deep understanding of the fast-changing financial services industry, enable us to help financial institutions achieve objectives while meeting regulatory and security requirements.

And, we’re consistently recognized by industry analysts as a leader in implementations. We collaborate with salesforce,com and with other leaders in cloud solutions, such as NetSuite, ServiceNow and Workday, to help use SaaS to transform enterprises.

Specific Services

Our SaaS Enterprise Security Framework enables organizations to proceed with cloud deployment while addressing regulatory and security requirements.

We’ve worked with many financial institutions to develop SaaS strategies, define regulatory and control requirements and design and implement solutions to handle different types of data. We’re helping companies:

  • Assess data security requirements and the capabilities of prospective SaaS providers.

  • Implement the appropriate security controls for moving data to the cloud.

  • Maintain and monitor relationships with SaaS providers to continually improve the security profile of data in the cloud.