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The Accenture Innovation Center for Cloud: Accelerating SaaS Solutions

Our Saas experience allows you to develop, validate and engineer strategies and solutions to address your most pressing business challenges.


Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are growing exponentially. Businesses in nearly every sector across the world are discovering the advantages of SaaS over traditional on-premise solutions—faster time-to-deployment, lower capital costs and reduced demand on IT resources. And, increasingly, many organizations are seeking comprehensive, transformational solutions that provide even greater business benefits.

At the same time, as the cloud matures, its complexities evolve. Organizations need to address growing challenges such as:

  • Taking advantage of the growing SaaS ecosystem.

  • Fostering sustained innovation and rapid adoption .

  • Achieving economies of scale.

  • Developing new operating, security and governance models.

  • Instilling the concept of agility across the organization.

  • Incorporating social and mobile technologies into their solutions.

Enterprises are deploying Software as a Service (SaaS) applications in ever-greater numbers, in part because it offers faster time-to-deployment, lowers capital costs, and reduces demand on IT resources compared to traditional on-premise solutions.

Why Accenture

Taking advantage of Accenture’s differentiated delivery model, vertical industry expertise and horizontal SaaS experience allows you to develop, validate and engineer strategies and solutions to address your most pressing business challenges.

As a leader in deploying SaaS solutions, Accenture understands the importance of business challenges associated with cloud technologies. We have been designing and implementing SaaS-based solutions across hundreds of organizations for almost a decade, and have more than 3,800 skilled professionals with SaaS experience.

Industry analysts consistently recognize us as a leader in cloud and SaaS. As a result, we have developed deep insights into products from leading SaaS vendors such as Apttus, Microsoft, Oracle, NetSuite,, SAP, Workday and Zuora.

Accenture has channeled these insights and launched the Accenture Innovation Center for Cloud in San Jose, Calif. to help organizations explore both the short- and long-term opportunities to gain greater business value from SaaS. With its specific focus on SaaS, this new innovation center gives organizations access to Accenture’s SaaS leadership.

Clients also gain access to leading ecosystem partners, whose breadth of expertise can spark discussions of transformational possibilities for any enterprise committed to—or even considering—SaaS.