Customer Engagement Platform for Manufacturers

Mastering Industrial Consumerism


Manufacturers around the globe are experiencing a significant and disruptive step change in customer expectations along their entire value chain. We call this “Industrial consumerism.” Demands for individualized products, sophisticated end-to-end services and an immersive, personalized customer experience are putting todays marketing, sales and service models under pressure.

The Accenture Customer Engagement Platform for Manufacturers is an agile, modular and flexible blueprint application built on cloud technology. It combines the leading customer success platform and Accenture’s global industry knowledge and expertise into an agile customer engagement layer enabling an enterprise to rapidly transform into a customer-centric company. The platform is both complete and modular to suit your organization’s unique business needs.


Salesforce fullforce solution

Specific Services


Accenture’s Customer Engagement Platform for Manufacturers offers a customer centric end-to-end-solution to interact with customers in an automated, personalized and innovative way.

As a certified Fullforce solution, the Accenture Customer Engagement Platform is comprehensive, addressing the full life-cycle engagement, from first marketing contact to post-sales & service and customer analytics. The platform provides manufacturers with an accelerated start into customer engagement leveraging leading practices and industry-tailored use cases and IoT enablement that can be quickly customized into an individual solution.

Solution highlights

Accenture’s Customer Engagement Platform for Manufacturers offers a customer centric end-to-end-solution to interact with customers in an automated, personalized and innovative way.

Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing
Pre-defined engagement journeys reach contacts at the right time and channel. Automated lead scoring and nurturing help sales teams focus on the right opportunities.

Collaborative Sales

Collaborative Sales
Built-in, context focused collaboration lets you embed your partners in the sales process to define the right joint offering.

Smart Quoting (CPQ powered by Apttus)

Smart Quoting (CPQ powered by Apttus)
The configure-price-quote engine powered by Apttus simplifies the creation of complex service offerings, ensures component compatibility and drives up- and cross-selling.

Omni-Channel Service

Omni-Channel Service
Seamless integration of modern communication channels and a field service module enable support tailored to the customer's needs. Built-in Knowledge Base and Communities reduce service efforts.

Preventive Maintenance (IoT)

Preventive Maintenance (IoT)
Detect and mitigate potential issues before they arise thanks to real-time device data analysis and context related actions.

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics
Optimize processes, discover new insights and explore new opportunities by combining data in an interactive visual view in your browser or mobile device.

Case study

Helping a Swiss Multinational Company gain Customer Insights and increase Sales

Accenture was selected, by one of the largest engineering companies worldwide, to deliver an end-to-end customer relationship management (CRM) solution based on the salesforce platform. We provided system design, implementation, roll-out, change management and project management services, and deployed the solution in 100+ countries.

Transformational Outcome

By providing deeper insights into its customers’ needs, the new solution will enable the client to deliver an improved customer experience and increase employee efficiency through improved sales pipeline management. With the program the client will be able to better identify and target its most profitable product and market segments. This will improve the client’s ability to make internal trade easier, more customer-centric, improve service delivery, avoid long customer response times, and ensure internal collaboration across all business units and divisions.


"This is a very significant program for Accenture as we are supporting the client as the strategic partner for its ambitious sales transformation objectives, being part of its 'Next Level Strategy'."

Industrial Equipment Senior Manager and Program Lead

Why Accenture

As one of the first global companies to establish a strategic alliance partnership with Salesforce, Accenture continues to grow and strengthen its position as a leading Salesforce partner.


  • Accenture is driving Salesforce’s largest transformational projects with a track record of thousands of Salesforce implementations at more than 1,000 enterprise organizations.

  • With more than 8,100 Salesforce skilled professionals, Accenture’s ongoing investment in building deep specialist skills and leading capabilities is unparalleled in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Accenture’s Customer Engagement Platform can help to:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Customer Retention

  • Increase Sales & Sales Collaboration

  • Achieve Service Efficiency & Excellence

  • Gain Insights & Actionable Data

  • Build a Future Proof & Flexible Foundation

  • Reduce Operational Costs