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Residential mortgage origination/fulfillment


Empowering lenders to transform and streamline loan manufacturing capabilities with low-cost, highly compliant and quality-driven solutions.

Accenture Credit Services’ aim is to empower lenders with solutions that transform and streamline their loan manufacturing capabilities. Our credit professionals have a deep understanding of the mortgage industry and possess a broad range of capabilities to design, build and operate effective credit solutions and services.

With onshore licenses in 49 states plus DC, and a growing number of approved licenses for our state of the art operations center in Chennai, India, Accenture Credit Services is a demonstrably SAFE Act-compliant onshore and offshore service provider. The Chennai branch allows our clients to move many operational components of the end-to-end mortgage fulfillment process offshore, to gain significant cost savings and efficiencies while addressing strict compliance standards with all relevant U.S. federal and state regulatory bodies.

Lenders are under an aggressive timeline in the U.S. to implement Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requirements. Based on Accenture’s experience, institutions should focus on getting eight things right when tackling the CFPB mandates.



In today’s market, being the lowest cost producer of a mortgage loan—while maintaining a differentiated customer experience—is critical. At Accenture, our focus is on getting the manufacturing process to be consistent, cost competitive and to yield outcomes that are efficient, so we can reinvest in the kinds of processes and approaches that will help customers have a different experience.

Accenture takes the traditionally linear process for delivering a loan, and turns it into a disaggregated process, breaking it down into steps and pushing those steps to our global workforce. This approach enables us to complete a task efficiently and at the lowest possible cost and highest quality. Then, we re-aggregate those tasks with our specialists onshore to provide our clients with a low-cost, but highly controlled, highly compliant and quality-driven solution.


Accenture has the knowledge, experience and capabilities to help mortgage originators satisfy the demands of more stringent regulations. Accenture Credit Services provides a full suite of market-leading processing, management consulting and technology integration capabilities.
  • Processing services

  • Component underwriting

  • Component closing/funding

  • Post-closing

  • Application quality assurance (QA)

  • Pre-underwriting data validation

  • Pre-closing/funding QA

  • Pre-purchase review

  • Vendor management services

  • End-to-end fulfillment (borrower contact, processing, underwriting, closing)

  • Target operating model design (prospecting through post-closing)

  • Mortgage fulfillment operations assessment and re-engineering

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) analysis, time and quality studies, benchmarking

  • Organizational redesign

  • Residential mortgage learning development and policy/procedure definition

  • Outsourcing strategy

  • "Buy versus build" analysis and vendor assessment/selection

  • Loan origination systems (LOS) analysis, design and installation

  • Workflow and imaging analysis, design and installation

  • Ancillary system analysis, design and installation (Automated Underwriting System (AUS), products/pricing, document engines)

  • Proprietary and packaged software development and ongoing maintenance