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SMBs really matter to enterprises. And for two main reasons. The first as customers, the second as partners in enterprises' value chains. But enterprises are falling short of making the most of the opportunities that SMBs present. In our series of essays, based on extensive in-depth research, we explore some of the reasons for that and examine the actions that enterprises can take to raise their SMB game.

Our first essay, Don’t Tell Me, Show Me, digs into why there's a fundamental disconnect between what enterprises believe and SMBs perceive. Closing that gap is essential for enterprises to engage more effectively with SMBs. Essay two, If Enterprises Build Trust, SMBs Will Spend, examines the correlation between the extent to which SMBs trust enterprises and their willingness to spend with them. Bottom line? Higher trust means higher spend. In our third essay, Tell Me All About Yourself, we explore why developing a real understanding of each type of SMBs' needs is so critical and how enterprises can do a better job of segmenting SMBs to offer more relevant and personalized engagement. And in essay four, The Power to Influence, we take a look at the importance to SMBs of engagement with their trusted peers, and the value that enterprises can generate by enabling SMBs to connect with the networks that they value and trust the most.

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