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The sweeping executive order on cybersecurity and what it means

The new U.S. Executive Order on Cybersecurity will drive significant changes in companies’ secure software design and operations. Global Security Lead Kelly Bissell explains what this means for your organization.

The executive order sweeping cybersecurity blog post

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DevOps for AI: Are you ready to scale?

The time is now for companies to make AI a core part of their operations. Here’s how DevOps for AI can not only accelerate but optimize AI solutions.

Reimagining work: Less where, more how

CEOs are seizing new opportunities with hybrid work environments. Discover how a zero-based mindset can lead to greater agility and flexibility.

How my own experience validated our research on empathetic banking

What do you get when you combine seamless digital communications with an exceptional customer experience? The future of the banking industry.

HR: A North star in times of change

Discover how HR is taking on a more strategic role in planning, attracting, hiring, developing and retaining their workforce through change.

Put your supply chain to the (stress) test

Dear CSCO’s: You are not alone. Across the globe, supply chains are facing immense stress. Fortunately, there are ways to ease the pressure. Here’s how.

How cybercriminals are finding new ways for us to "stand and deliver"

Ransomware hackers have new business models. They are stealing company data—and announcing the breach to public channels such as the news media.

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72% of people who identified as remote work collaborators had never worked remotely.

Kelly Monahan

Talent Research Lead Senior Principal – Accenture Research

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From immersive technologies in travel to how AI is changing the nature of finance, our bloggers are writing about the latest industry trends.

Welcome to the experience economy

When it comes to Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), it’s less about the device and more about the experience. Here’s how to frame it as a solution.

Child support: Have your code and update it, too

See how an automated solution can help migrate your child support system from a mainframe to the Salesforce platform.

Get supply chain leaders out of the basement

Healthcare organizations can't heal the supply chain without giving leaders a meaningful voice in decision-making. John Walko explains how.

Retain your talent with exceptional experiences

Turnover is at an all-time high due to COVID-19. Here’s how businesses can think outside the box and foster a culture that brings people together. 

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We see opportunities through our visual impairment

Discover how Ike Tallerine and Tom Lounibos—two men who are visually impaired—are bringing insight, attitude and inspiration.

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