As the bank wants to extract more value from its implementation of, it is seeking a higher level of delivery certainty and stabilization of resources, reducing the effort needed to hire and maintain skilled resources.

Strategy and solution

We provide deep experience, in a cost-effective blended offshore and onshore team, plus industry experience that can support the existing platform and easily scale up or down for future deployments.

We helped the bank prioritize support for the three different lines of business with a common pool of resources cross-trained to optimize effectiveness. The bank is being supported as it transitions knowledge from the current service providers, reducing risk in the migration process.


We have worked with the bank's experts to establish a high-performing team to support the bank and develop trust with continued success. The required governance processes and structure have been put in place to support approximately 1,000 business users in a challenging environment. In addition, we are available to assist in longer term strategic initiatives regarding, providing consulting resources as needed.

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