See how we bring change to life with our clients and in our communities—including behind-the-scenes stories from our people—around the world, each and every day.

Stories of change

Change From Every Angle campaign showcases the wide-reaching impact of Accenture's work with our clients in the form of an interactive content series – featuring short videos that focus on each side of the story. By featuring our people, our clients and members from the wider community in their own words, we are able to communicate a deeper connection to how we embrace change to create value and the tangible benefit of the work through a truly human lens.

For our first story, viewers will be able to see every side of how, together, we are helping CMHC achieve their goal of affordable homes for everyone in Canada by 2030. Research shows having a place to call home helps people feel more invested in their community, leading to a stronger, safer, happier society.



The future of auto finance: a smoother ride

A global bank reinvented its auto loans process – boosting car loan sales by 50% and cutting total costs. In addition to achieving tremendous financial results, the bank's culture has become more like a startup – more innovative, fully open to the power of digital technologies and able to scale large transformations – which has positioned the bank to reshape the future of auto finance by creating better experiences for buyers and dealers alike.


Area X.0: The future of mobility and smart cities

Invest Ottawa launched the most advanced, fully integrated Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) and automated vehicle test environment of its kind in North America. Known as Area X.0, this futureplex of innovation and collaboration fuels the creation, commercialization and adoption of breakthrough innovations in mobility, autonomy and connectivity across a range of sectors, such as telecom, smart agriculture, defense, public safety, and smart cities.


Coming together in a crisis

This is our story of what Accenture did to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our people, clients, partners, shareholders, and communities: of how we navigated its challenges, and how we are planning to return to work together, greater than ever.


Butterflies, music and cybersecurity

Lepidopterist, classical pianist and cybersecurity professional—Accenture’s Associate Director of Tech Product and Offering Development, Catherine Gulsvig Wood, tells her story of how these disparate roles can overlap and explains how a mysterious butterfly can inspire a patent in cloud computing.

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