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Multinational Oil and Gas Company​

Read how multinational oil and gas company benefited from Accenture’s implementation and outsourcing of Siebel CRM.


Implementing a new Meter Data Management (MDM) and billing solution to build a new customer relationship management (CRM) platform and assuming responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and development of this new platform helped create a new metrics-based performance model that improved customer satisfaction and sales.

This large multinational integrated energy company maintains a strong, leading presence in the oil and gas, electric and engineering industries.


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To strengthen profitability, the company needed to improve the quality of its customer service. In addition, the company sought to centralize its customer management through a single front-end solution that would be both flexible and dynamic. The goal of this unified solution would be to provide more integrated and efficient CRM through the standardization and automation of processes, ultimately aimed at lowering costs and increasing sales.

This solution—including the supporting commercial business processes—needed to be flexible and scalable to enable the company to expand into additional markets.

Accenture was chosen to develop the integrated CRM system, primarily because of its decade-long relationship with the company, coupled with its deep experience and extensive competencies in CRM.


Phase 1: CRM System Implementation

The client and Accenture worked together to implement an MDM and billing solution based on a Siebel platform—the same system the client will use to manage all processes related to its residential and middle-market customers.

The implementation (including the integration architecture) took only 11 months. Also, Accenture helped with the system integration of the new CRM application and provided program management to steer the project forward. Following the implementation, Accenture spearheaded the data migration, which consisted of moving more than six million customers onto the new platform.

A team of Accenture on-site resources in Milan, Italy provided project management, requirement gathering, functional design, user acceptance testing and post-go live support. 

Furthermore, Accenture provided CRM application development and maintenance for all IT applications supporting the retail market on the new Siebel platform, leveraging a field tested delivery network to make applications more reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

Phase 2: Application Outsourcing

Following on the success of the global CRM system implementation, the client asked Accenture to leverage its outsourcing capabilities and support the ongoing development and maintenance of the entire Siebel platform. The client did not have sufficient skills in-house to perform these ongoing management tasks. However, it knew it could receive more comprehensive and integrated services by going the outsourcing route, with improved service quality and business operational competence.


As a result the new system, the company can now offer a larger catalog of services based on key performance indicators, helping to maintain high quality service levels and positively impacting customer satisfaction.

Working together, the client and Accenture delivered the implementation on-time, meeting all project milestones and achieving:

  • Enhanced flexibility in the client’s marketing strategy thanks to a wider range of offerings and integrated services.

  • Centralized management of more than six million customers using standardized processes that are tailored to customer segments.

  • Significant reduction in customer request/business operation activities that require end-to-end completion, including: a five percent reduction in customer calls, 35 percent time reduction for order entry completion and a 24 percent reduction of time to market for new tariff schemas. This has allowed the client to focus on the services customers prefer and cut unnecessary costs.

Based on the success of this engagement, the company asked Accenture to take over sole system integration for the whole retail platform, which, in turn, led to the extension of Accenture’s services to additional applications belonging to the same platform. Now Accenture has provided six applications and almost doubled its original baseline.

Due its enhanced service quality and improved satisfaction, the company can expand into additional markets to work towards further growth and sales–with Accenture providing experience-based support and guidance along the way via a reliable and beneficial CRM platform.