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Discovery Networks International: Cloud architecture delivers agile infrastructure

Accenture helps Discovery Networks International (DNI) migrate it’s portfolio to Amazon Web Services' (AWS) platform to save money and increase agility.


Discovery Networks International (DNI) delivers quality content to inform, entertain and inspire over 1.6 billion subscribers in more than 220 countries. DNI wanted a more scalable, flexible and cost effective hosting solution to support what is one of the most extensive international television businesses in the media industry.

DNI’s digital platform provides video content, supported by brand and show information along with interactive features. Growing demand and constant expansion of content and services meant that DNI needed to find an infrastructure solution to support continuous site launches, rapidly and at scale without compromising security and availability.


DNI engaged Accenture to analyse its existing online architecture and assess the suitability of migrating its entire portfolio to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. A small team comprising a truly cross-skilled mix of talent from both Accenture’s Digital practice and Cloud Computing group worked for fourteen weeks to plan and implement the move to AWS.

Accenture managed the application migration, AWS environment configuration and production deployments—all based upon Accenture’s proposed cloud architecture blueprint for DNI. Accenture carried out development work and migrated content and comprehensively tested the system before launch.

Moving to a cloud-based architecture has delivered some key benefits to DNI, including:

  • 73 percent reduction in monthly operational hosting bill

  • Elimination of planned capital expenditure on infrastructure

  • The ability to expand infrastructure directly in line with demand and increased traffic 24/7

  • Adding services and implementing changes to architecture in hours or days rather than weeks

Overall, DNI now has a flexible, scalable and agile infrastructure that will continue to meet its needs cost effectively as DNI expands and develops its exciting range of online content and services.