Accenture Media Exchange

Bringing video to the enterprise at scale


The explosion in popularity of YouTube and other similar video channels has crossed over with a similar impact in the corporate world. For a company like Accenture, the recording and viewing of video has become a widely expected way of communicating by all levels of employees.

With a global workforce of approximately 425,000 people, however, the increase in storage requirements presented its challenges. Accenture’s in-house solutions were reaching their limits. They were neither scalable nor cost-effective enough to meet the storage, management and maintenance demands of a fast-growing video repository. And, employees wanted to be able to watch video outside the office, on the go and on their mobile devices. Accenture had reached the point where it needed a new solution.


Accenture made the strategic decision to not rebuild the Accenture Media Exchange, its existing internal video repository. Accenture also did not want to invest in in-house resources to maintain video streaming applications in the fast-changing mobile device environment. Instead, it analyzed third-party solutions, focusing on those vendors that offered enterprise capability and that could operate as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) via the cloud.

Accenture selected the video platform of a leading vendor that offered a software solution that would enable video to stream across any device as an out-of-the-box feature. The vendor solution offered video-creation tools, enterprise-grade scalability and competitive pricing. The cost of hosting was lower than if hosted in Accenture’s own data center.

Over six months Accenture’s internal IT organization managed the transition from an in-house solution to a hosted one.

Transition from in-house to SaaS video solution

Enabled integration with authentication/corporate sign-on


Established necessary access controls and reporting


Enabled integration with common enterprise software products


In parallel, brought vendor’s enterprise capabilities in line with Accenture’s requirements


Used the vendor’s transcoding, hosting and streaming capabilities, but with Accenture’s own front end


10,000+ videos migrated onto the new platform


A new central channel to promote video and audio content


New functional capabilities develop and employee expectations rise


Accenture-developed Media Exchange mobile app released


Media Exchange interface refreshed using an out-of-the box solution


Implemented several robust features:


  • Automated video captioning

  • Recording through a media creation capability that captures webcam, audio, screen and presentations in parallel

  • A “chapters” feature that helps viewers navigate video content more easily

  • Ability to create “personal” channels, a self-provisioned option that provides the opportunity to define the way an individual wants to organize, manage, publish and share video content


A hosted video solution allows Accenture and its employees to unleash innovative ways of communicating and learning. Accenture people can inexpensively produce videos without professional production costs and quickly view them on-demand—making it easier to share information, provide project updates and train others. Today, the Media Exchange is an engaging way to consume content, and is now one of Accenture’s most popular communication channels. 

Increase in usage and adoption in one year.

Additionally, total cost of ownership has been reduced by moving entirely to a cloud-based, SaaS solution. The hosted SaaS model not only lowers costs long term, but also allows Accenture to receive product updates in a more controlled, scheduled manner.